What is the Office Portal (Admin Portal)?

Learn about the iClassPro Office Portal (sometimes referred to as the Admin portal). The Office Portal is iClassPro’s main interface and where you and your office staff will perform most of your day-to-day work.

How do I access the Office Portal?

You can access your Office Portal at https://app.iclasspro.com/a/[account_name]
(where account_name is your iClassPro account name).

Which options are available from the Toolbar?

Once logged into the Office Portal, you are presented with the Dashboard and a toolbar at the top of the screen that leads to other areas of the Office Portal. (While far from definitive, we have included some links to helpful articles about these areas in each section.  You can find more by searching our knowledgebase for the relevant topic.)

Welcome Page/Dashboard (Logo)

Selecting the iClassPro Logo will navigate to a shared area where the Welcome Page and Dashboard may be accessed with the appropriate permissions. The Welcome Page is a faster-loading fixed layout that contains widgets with vital enrollment numbers, iClassPro news and resources, and access to an expandable online activity widget. Meanwhile, the Dashboard is a customizable layout that can hold a larger variety of widgets to help staff focus on the business metrics that will improve their performance.


Displays a list of current families in your system. Defaults to showing all families, but can be filtered to show only Active/Inactive.


Displays a list of current students in your system. Defaults to showing all students, but can be filtered to show only Active/Inactive. (NOTE: You can delete students from this view but you must create new students from the FAMILIES page.)


Displays a list of your classes. Defaults to showing only Active classes, but can be filtered to show all or just Inactive classes.


Displays a list of your appointments. Defaults to a date range of the current date through 30 days in the future, but can be filtered as needed.


Displays a list of your camps. Defaults to showing only current/future Active camps, but can be filtered to show past, all or Inactive camps.


Displays the Skills Activity Log. This shows statistics related to Skill evaluations and allows you to print certificates/email parents.


Displays party booking information (requires an Elite or Premium subscription plan)


Displays a visual representation of your class/camp/party schedule with views that can be filtered. You can also create enrollments, take attendance and evaluate skills from this view.


Displays a list of current staff members in your system. Defaults to showing active staff only, but can be filtered to show all or only Inactive.

Time Clock

Displays options related to the time clock feature. Depending on their permissions, staff can access the Punch Pad, launch the Time Clock Kiosk, make time clock adjustments or run reports/lock pay periods.


Displays a list of available reports and allows you to generate them in a variety of formats.


Displays a list of tasks used to generate tuition charges, drop enrollments, create late charges or anniversary fees, mass apply credits/run payments and mass create credits.

Profile Picture/User Menu

Clicking on the Profile Picture displays additional navigation options depending on staff permissions. These may include:

Footer Options

In addition to the toolbar at the top of the screen, there is a footer at the bottom of the screen that will occasionally display additional options related to the page you are working on.  Three icons will be shown at all times:


From left to right, these icons are:

Background Tasks

Displays results of specific activities performed by the staff member (such as generating reports, running tuition charges/payments or sending Email Blasts).


Used to access communications sent through the iClassPro Internal Messaging Center

Online Activity

Displays a list of notifications of activity from the Customer Portal

Need more assistance?

Customer support is available at 1-877-554-6776 Mon - Fri, 9 am to 9 pm (CT) and Sat, 9 am to 6 pm (CT).