How Do I Configure Staff Permissions and User Groups?

Learn how to assign staff permissions and set up staff User Groups. Staff permissions control which areas of iClassPro a user is allowed to access, as well as which tasks they are allowed to perform. User Groups are created to share a standard set of permissions between staff members assigned to the same group.

How to Set User Permissions

User permissions can be granted to an entire user group at once, and then a staff member can be assigned to one or more user groups to be granted the permissions they require. User Groups are assigned under the PERMISSIONS tab of the staff user.

Depending on the permissions to be granted, you can either check the box for “Admin Access (Full Permissions)”, or select one or more User Groups from the “User Group” list:


If needed, additional permissions can be granted per user under their staff user profile.  Note that additional user permissions ALWAYS add to the permissions granted by the staff member's user group. There is not a way to revoke permissions already granted through their assigned user group, so you will want to assign staff members to the most restrictive group for their needs and then grant advanced permissions as needed.


When you grant additional permissions, the permission indicator (shown to the right of the permission toggle) will reflect which permission they have. Hovering over the indicator will explain where the permission came from (either a Group permission or User-specific).  User-specific permissions that override Group permissions are displayed in orange.


  • If both a User-specific permission and Group permission grant the same privileges, removing one permission will not automatically remove the other. If you wish to revoke a staff member’s access to a specific page or permission to perform specific tasks, you must remove the permission(s) from both areas, or remove the User-specific permission and reassign the staff member to a more restrictive user group.
  • (ENTERPRISE PORTAL CUSTOMERS ONLY) If Enterprise Portal permission overrides are in place, these will also be noted when hovering above the permission indicator:

Permissions Overview 

You can set up User Groups and set permissions under SETTINGS>SETUP>STAFF SETTINGS>USER GROUPS.

If you need to grant ALL permissions under a particular heading (Application, Pages, Tasks, Reports), you can do so by setting that heading to FULL. Please note that if you disable any of the permissions under that heading, the heading status will revert to NONE, with only the allowed permissions showing as granted beneath.

There are three main areas for permissions:

Application Access

These permissions determine whether or not the user can log into the specified area of the iClassPro system. These permissions only allow for NO access or FULL access. (Granting FULL access only grants permission to log into these areas; permission to view specific pages or perform specific tasks are granted by the “Page Access” and “Tasks” sections.)

  • iClassPro: the main area of the iClassPro application, or Office Portal
  • Staff Portal: the dedicated staff portal (currently used for taking attendance, performing skill evaluations, and time clock functions)

Page Access

Once logged into the Office Portal, these permissions determine which pages the staff member can access. The different options refer to the links in the blue toolbar across the top of each page, as well as a few options located under the User Panel (accessed via the user icon in the upper right-hand corner). These permissions only allow for NO access or FULL access. (Granting FULL access only grants permission to access these ages; permissions to perform specific tasks are granted by the “Tasks” section.)

NOTE: While the Welcome Page or Dashboard are the intended landing pages of the software, if a staff user does not have access to those pages, they will be redirected to the first page in the top navigation that they have been given access to. If no page access has been granted, they may see a notice that they do not have permissions immediately after login.

  • Welcome Page - granting permission to access the Welcome Page will allow access to several widgets in the fixed layout.
  • Dashboard - granting permission to access the Dashboard will allow access to several widgets. Certain widgets including financial widgets (summing Charges and Payments) and the Program Summary widget will require additional permissions for all users except the business owner and admins.
  • Families
  • Students
  • Classes
  • Appointments Page
  • Camps
  • Enrollments
  • Skills
  • Parties
  • Calendar
  • Staff
  • Timeclock
  • Reports – if a user is granted permission to access the REPORTS page, permission to generate specific reports can be granted/denied in the various “Report” areas below.
  • Transactions
  • Settings
  • Audit Log
  • News & Announcements Page
  • Point of Sale Page
  • Punch Passes Page

Task Access

"General" Tasks

These permissions determine which tasks a user can perform within the Office Portal or Staff Portal (depending on the specific permission). In addition to NO access and FULL access, many of these options have an additional VIEW permission which will allow the user to view details regarding these tasks, but will not allow them to create/edit/delete.

  • Families / Students
    • Delete Family
    • Family Email Logs
    • Delete Student
    • Allow Policy Approval/Rejection
  • Ledgers
    • Charges
      • Change Charge Amounts – enabling this permission allows the users to directly edit charge amounts for auto-populated charges, such as tuition and/or Anniversary Fees.
      • Delete Charge
    • Payments
      • Delete Payment
      • Allow editing of payment dates
    • Refunds
      • Void Refund
  • Enrollments
    • Delete Enrollment
    • Mass Delete Waitlist Records
    • Allow tuition override - if enabled, this setting prevents the staff member from changing tuition prices for students in these ways:
      • Saving an override price on the student's enrollment
      • Creating a class tuition charge from the ledger and then directly altering the populated tuition amount in the new charge window.
  • Attendance – required to take view/record attendance in the Staff Portal
    • NONE: the Staff member will not be allowed to view and/or edit attendance records.
    • VIEW: the Staff member has permissions to view attendance records, but cannot edit them.
    • FULL: the Staff member has full permissions to view and/or edit attendance records.
      • Excuse Absences in Staff Portal - (Only affects Staff Portal) required for a staff member to mark an absence "Excused" when recording attendance from the Staff Portal.
      • See All Classes/Camps in Staff Portal (Only affects Staff Portal) required for a staff member to take attendance for another instructor’s classes. (By default instructors only see their own classes within the Staff Portal.)
  • Classes
    • Delete Class
  • Camps
    • Delete Camp
  • Online Activity
    • Manage online activity
  • Staff
    • Edit Own Customer Portal Bio - if set to FULL, allows the user access to edit their own "Customer Portal Bio" section in the Staff Portal’s “My Profile screen”.
    • Delete Staff
    • Staff Email Logs
  • Calendar
  • Parties
    • Delete Party
  • Evaluations (Skill Tracking) – required to view/record skill evaluations in the Staff Portal
    • Delete Evaluations (Skill Tracking)
  • News & Announcements
    • Delete News & Announcements
  • Time Clock
    • Time Clock Export
  • Makeup Tokens
    • Create Makeup Tokens
    • Delete Makeup Tokens
    • Create Makeup Enrollments Without Tokens
  • Point Of Sale
    • Point of Sale Products/Category/Vendor
    • Point of Sale Inventory
    • Point of Sale Purchases
    • Point Of Sale Price Override
    • Point Of Sale Vendor Logins
    • Return Point of Sale Purchases - if set to FULL, even staff users who do not have refund permissions on family ledgers will be able to issue a refund during a point of sale return under the purchases screen.
  • Punch Passes
    • Delete/Suspend Punch Passes
    • Edit Family/Student Punch Passes
  • Mass Voice/Text
    • Family SMS Logs
    • Staff SMS Logs
    • Mass Text Availability Override
  • iClassPro Live (Legacy only)
    • Control Live Stream
    • Manage Live Streams
  • Allow Usage Of All Payment Types
  • See All Classes/Camps Attendance In Office Portal
    • FULL: allows a user to see all staff/class attendance regardless of the instructor assigned to the class.
    • NONE: the user can only view attendance for classes to which they are assigned.
  • Payments By Shift Report (FIN-21)
    • Shift Report: Any Date - if enabled, allows staff members to generate the Payments By Shift report (FIN-21) for any date. If disabled, the report is limited to the current date only.
    • Shift Report: Any Instructor - if enabled, allows staff members to generate the Payments By Shift report (FIN-21) for any instructor. If disabled, the report is limited to the staff member generating the report.
  • Assign Individual User Permissions – allows staff members to add/edit permissions on a user-by-user basis on the Staff Permissions tab. (Also requires full Page permissions to STAFF page.)
  • Assign User Group Permissions – allows staff members to assign staff members to User Groups on the Staff Permissions tab. (Also requires full Page permissions to STAFF page.)
  • Edit User Group Permissions – allows staff members to add/edit permissions to staff User Groups under SETTINGS>SETUP>STAFF USER GROUPS. (Also requires full Page permissions to STAFF and SETTINGS pages.)
  • Override Resource Limit - allows staff members to assign a Class/Camp to a Zone even if doing so would exceed the maximum number of simultaneous uses for that Zone.
  • Instructor Absences and Substitutes - allows staff members to mark instructors absent and assign substitute instructors.
  • View Gateway Transactions
  • Appointments

    • Manage Own Appointments

    • Delete Appointments

    • Override Appointment Cancellation Fee

    • Override Appointment Daily Schedule

    • Override Appointment Rate

  • Autopilot

Dashboard Tasks

  • Payments Widget
  • Charges Widget
  • Program Summary on Dashboard

Reports Tasks

For more information about specific reports and the information they provide, see

  • Family Reports
    • Custom Family List
    • Family List
    • Family Phonebook
    • Family Email List
    • Families Without Email List
    • Families With Multiple Students
    • Family List by Postal/Zip Code
    • Enrollment by Postal/Zip Code
    • Notes Report
    • Policy Report
    • Family Mailing Labels
    • Family Policy Agreement
    • Guardian User Access Report
    • Family Punch Pass Report
  • Student Reports
    • Custom Student List
    • Student List
    • Student Phonebook
    • Student Birthday List
    • Student Anniversary List
    • Student Insurable Age Groups
    • Notes Report
    • Student Mailing Labels
    • Student Skill Tracking Reports
    • Student Policy Agreement
    • Student Policy
    • Student Gymnastics Australia Club Import Report (if enabled)
    • Student Attendance Report
    • Makeups Report
    • Student Retention Report
    • Student Punch Pass Report
    • Tuition Override Report
  • Class Reports
    • Class List Report
    • Customer Class List Report
    • Program Summary
    • Roll Sheets
    • Drop List
    • Special Enrollments
    • New Enrollments List
    • Roll Sheet Labels
    • Class Roll Not Taken Report
    • Absences Report
    • Level Summary
    • Excused Absences Report
    • Expected Absences Report
    • Class Retention Summary Report
    • Class Notes Report
    • First Enrollments Report
    • Waitlist Report
    • Drop Summary Report
  • Camp Reports
    • Camp List Report
    • Camp Enrollments Report
    • Camp Enrollment Block Report
    • Camp Sign In-Sign Out
    • Excused Absences Report
    • Expected Absences Report
    • Camper Information Report  
  • Staff Reports
    • Staff List Report
    • Staff Phone Book
    • Staff Class Schedule
    • Notes Report
    • Staff Mailing Labels
    • Time Clock Entries
    • Time Clock Adjustments
    • Instructor Roster Report
    • Class/Camp Roster Report
    • Instructor Retention Report
    • Instructor Absences and Substitutes
    • Instructor Schedule Conflict Report
    • Instructor Appointment Schedule

    • Appointment Cancellations/No-Shows

  • Marketing Reports
    • How You Heard Summary Report
    • Promo Code Report
  • Financial Reports
    • Aged Accounts Report
    • Bank Deposit Report
    • Program Deposit Split Report
    • Family Full Ledger Report
    • Category List Report
    • Statements
    • Credit Card Splits
    • Recurring Billing Report
    • Consolidated Tax Report
    • Families With Unapplied Credit Balances
    • Students Enrolled But Not Charged
    • Families Applied Payment Summary
    • Family Annual Total Receipts Report
    • Tax Reconciliation Report
    • Period Summary Report
    • Point of Sale: Sales
    • Point of Sale: Inventory on Hand
    • Payments By Shift Report
    • Account Updater Report
    • Returned Payments Report
    • Gateway Transactions Report
    • Appointment Revenue Report

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