Students Page Filters

The STUDENTS page offers several filter options to help narrow your results when sending Email Blasts, creating mass/group charges, or just to see at a glance which students may have enrollments in particular programs/classes/camps or have certain keywords assigned.

After you have finished with a particular set of filters, be sure to click RESET FILTERS or press ESC on your keyboard to clear them. 

  • Enrollment Status
  • Active On Date (only displays when ACTIVE is chosen)
  • Day of the week (for enrollments)
  • Start Times
  • Keywords (Options to filter by Student, Class or Camp Keyword)
  • Classes
  • Camps
  • Levels
  • Programs
  • Ages
  • Birth Months
  • Policy Acceptances (for Student Policies Only, can be filtered by Policy)
    Accepted Current
    - Accepted Past
    - Rejected Current
    - Rejected Past
    - Not Accepted Current
    - No Activity
  • Genders
  • Drop Months (Always looks ahead)
  • Instructors
  • Filter By Notes
    - Note Priority
       - Low/Medium/Critical
    - Filter By Skill Progression
       - Date range
       - Progression Type
       - Passed Events
       - Passed Levels
       - New Evaluations
       - No Progression
  • Attendance
    - TARDY (also included in PRESENT)
    - LEFT EARLY (also included in PRESENT)
    - EXCUSED (also included in ABSENT)
    - UNEXCUSED (also included in ABSENT)

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