What is the ENROLLMENTS Page?

Learn about the “Enrollments” page and how you can use it to manage various types of class/camp enrollments in iClassPro.

What is the “Enrollments” page?

The “Enrollments” page allows you to see all enrollments within a specific date range and allows you to filter them for various tasks, such as Email Blasts, SMS/Voice messaging, or Push notifications.

To access the “Enrollments” page, click the “Enrollments” icon in the navigation bar at the top of the screen:


What Information is displayed on the Enrollments page?

For each enrollment, the following information is displayed:

  • (*) Student - Name of the student attached to the enrollment.
  • Student details: Age/Gender
  • (*) Type - Enrollment Status type (ACTIVE/TRIAL/MAKEUP/SINGLE DAY/WAITLIST)
  • (*) Dates - Enrollment Start Date
  • (*) Schedule - Class or Camp Schedule
  • (*) Event - Class or Camp Name
  • (*) Level - Class Level (if applicable)
  • (*) Zone - Zone/Area attached to the Event
  • Instructor - Instructor(s) attached to the class/camp

(*) indicates that clicking on the column name will sort the information. By default, the information is sorted alphabetically by the student’s first name.

Which Filters are available?

See our “Which Filters Are Available for the ENROLLMENTS Page?” document for a complete list of filters that are available.

How can I mark a student as “Present” from the Enrollments Page?

The Enrollments page includes the option to record simple attendance.

To enable this option, you must first navigate to SETTINGS>SETUP>CLASS SETTINGS>GENERAL CLASS SETTINGS and click the box to ”Enable Attendance Check-In Mode.” This will enable Attendance Check-In Mode for the Office Portal.


Once this setting is enabled, whenever the Enrollments page is limited to a single day (that is, the start and end dates of the “Enrollment Between” date range are the same), an attendance icon will appear to the left of each enrollment allowing you to mark the student present for class.


NOTE: This simple attendance functionality only allows you to mark students as “Present.” If you accidentally mark a student as present who should be absent, you will need to edit their attendance from the CLASSES or STUDENTS page.

Since iClassPro requires a complete set of data to record class attendance, this means that as soon as the first student in the class checks themselves in, all other students will be marked as “Absent” for the class. Attendance status will be updated as each student checks in or they are manually marked “Present” by a staff member.

What actions can be performed from the Enrollments page?

To the left of each enrollment is an “Actions” icon. Clicking on the icon will present you with options to perform specific tasks related to the enrollment.


  • View enrollment details - Shows relevant information and allows you to update the enrollment if needed.
    • Primary Guardian
    • Priority Group (for Waitlist enrollments only, if “Waitlist Priority Groups” are enabled)
    • Enrollment options
      • Edit Enrollment
      • Delete Enrollment
      • Student Details
      • Family Details
      • Student Attendance
      • Student Skills
      • View Family Ledger
    • Policy acceptance warnings (if applicable)
    • Roll sheet information
  • Drop Enrollment
  • Transfer Enrollment (does not appear for Waitlist enrollments)
  • Approve Waitlist Enrollment (for Waitlist enrollments only)

What QuickTools options are available from the Enrollments page?

Default Options

  • Email Blast
  • SMS/Text Message
  • Push notifications
  • Voice Broadcast

Waitlist-only Options

These options only appear if “Waitlist” is selected from the Enrollment Status filter.

  • Delete selected waitlist enrollments

Need more assistance?

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