How Can I Manage Scheduled Email Blasts?

Learn how to manage scheduled Email Blasts and locate information about them in the Audit Log.

Scheduled emails will only be sent to Families/Students that meet the selected criteria on the day the task to schedule the Email Blast is created, not on the day it is actually sent.  This means that students who may drop between the date the task is created and it is actually sent may still receive the email, and that students who may have future enrollments but are not actually active on the date the task is created may not receive it.

How do I schedule an Email Blast?

What happens after an Email Blast is scheduled to be sent?

After clicking the SEND button on an Email Blast that is scheduled to be sent, a summary window will be displayed asking the staff member to verify that they wish to schedule the Email Blast. If the staff member clicks “YES”, the system will create an entry in the ‘Scheduled Emails" window for the task.

What will I see in the Audit Log?


The system will create Audit Log entries for each scheduled Email Task so you can view details of which staff member scheduled the Email Blast to be sent, and when.

Entries will be created for the following actions related to Scheduled Email Blasts:

  • Scheduled Email Blast - created when “YES” is clicked from the “Scheduled Email Summary” window.
  • Email Blast Scheduled for [details] - created when the task entry for the scheduled Email Blast is created in the “Scheduled Emails” window. The page the Email Blast was scheduled from will be displayed within parentheses (i.e., “families” in parentheses denotes that the Scheduled Email Blast was created from the FAMILIES page).
  • Canceled Email Blast - created if an Email Blast is canceled before the scheduled date/time.

NOTE: To locate details of Email Blasts that were scheduled to be sent, you can search the phrase "Scheduled Email Blast" in the Audit Log. If a Scheduled Email Blast reaches its defined date/time and is successfully sent, the Audit Log will reflect the usual entry:

Email Blast Finished ( [# of recipients] ) :: [subject]

How do I access the “Scheduled Emails” window?

The “Scheduled Emails” window contains entries for all scheduled Email Blasts. From here, staff members can view the details of these Email Blasts and cancel them if necessary.

You can access the “Scheduled Emails” window by clicking on its icon in the QuickTools bar at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen:

What actions can be performed from the “Scheduled Emails” window?

The “Scheduled Emails” window contains an entry for each scheduled Email Blast that has yet to reach its defined date/time to be sent:


Each entry includes the following information:

  • The SUBJECT of the Email Blast being sent.
  • The DATE and TIME that the Email Blast is scheduled to be sent.
  • The NAME of the staff member that scheduled the Email Blast to be sent.

Preview an Email Blast

Clicking on either of the magnifying glass icons or the subject of the Email Blast will launch a preview screen showing the text of the Email Blast to be sent, including any graphics. Any email variables used will be displayed as variables as they will be populated upon sending for each recipient.

Cancel an Email Blast

You can cancel a scheduled Email Blast by clicking on the “X” below the staff member’s name. This will launch a confirmation window:


Clicking “YES” will cancel the scheduled Email Blast and create an associated Audit Log entry for the action. Clicking “NO, THANKS!” will close the confirmation window without taking any action.

To locate details of Scheduled Email tasks that were canceled, you can search the phrase "Canceled Scheduled Email" in the Audit Log.

As there are no Email Blast-specific permissions for staff, any staff member with permission to access the FAMILIES/STUDENTS page(s) will be able to schedule an Email Blast. Likewise, any staff member with these permissions will be able to cancel a scheduled Email Blast prior to the scheduled time the task will be run.

Need more assistance?

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