What is the SKILLS Page/Skills Activity Log?

Learn about the Skills Activity Log and how you can use it to send communications to customers about their student's skill progression, including sending emails and generating certificates.

What is the Skills Activity Log?

The Skill Activity Log allows staff members to view recent evaluations and communicate those evaluations to customers. From this page, you are able to send emails to customers which will include evaluations of your choosing and certificates for passed levels. You can also simply generate printable certificates.

What Permissions are needed?

To view the evaluations on the skills page, staff members must have a minimum of “View” permissions for the Evaluations (Skill Tracking) setting. Staff without a minimum of “View” permission will receive a message that they do not have the necessary permission to view the page. Staff members with “Full” permissions for Evaluations (skill tracking) will be able to edit or delete evaluations from this page.

Page Indicators


The indicators at the top of the page provide a quick overview of the items in the page which are selected and the options available for the selected items (to email families or print certificates).

  • Number of Students and Families - totals can be different depending on whether siblings are selected.
  • Number of Evaluation - composed of new skill evaluations, passed levels and passed events
  • The action indicator
    • “Send Emails Now” will send an email to your parents notifying them of all selected evaluations and include certificates for passed events and levels.
    • "Clear Selected" will clear selected evaluations from the queue without sending any emails or downloading certificates.
    • “Download Certificates” will simply generate certificates that can be downloaded. If no passed levels or events are selected, the certificates option will not be active. 



If the staff member uses filters which exclude all of the results, they will receive a “No results found!” message. 


If the option to "Enable prompt to send congratulations email when passing level" is enabled under SETTINGS>SETUP>GENERAL SETTINGS>SKILL TRACKING, any evaluations for which emails have already been sent will not appear in the results.

Location Toggle (if applicable) - If more than one active Location is configured for your account, a Location toggle will be displayed. (NOTE: If a staff member uses the Location toggle to switch the Location on the SKILLS page, that Location selection will be carried over if they switch to another page.)

Selecting Student(s) – Click student name to view/hide the details of their evaluations (skills, events, levels). Select/deselect certain evaluations (skills, events, levels) to choose what will be included in the email communications or downloaded certificates. Click the rating to launch the window to edit or view the evaluation.

Send Emails Now – choose to send emails to families of selected students (containing only selected evaluations).


  1. This window displays option to Send to All Emails Addresses on File for the family. If not selected, only the primary email on the family will receive the update. Clicking Yes will send evaluation emails; No will cancel.
  2. If your account has multiple active locations, there is also an option to Send Emails/Certificates From the Selected Location. This allows you to select a specific location so the emails will show to come from the email address associated with that Location under SETTINGS>LOCATIONS, and any certificates generated will use the branding for that Location. 
    • If you have only selected evaluations with the Skill Progression type "Passed Levels", you will be given the option to select a Custom Email Template (leaving the selection menu blank will use the default Skill Progression Email template). However, if you select any additional evaluations that are NOT "Passed Levels" (such as "Passed Events" or "Skill Evaluations"), this option will not appear.
  3. After clicking Yes, a background task will be started while the system sends the emails.
  4. An in-page notification will appear to let the user know the emails are sending. Dismiss the notification and go back to the Skills page body by clicking Great.
  5. The student(s) which were included in the email will now show under the status Sent from the skills page.
    Note: The Branding Colors in the email will utilize the Secondary Branding color selected for the Customer Portal under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>SETTINGS. (Congrats, student name, View Skill Tree button). The content of the emails is auto-generated and cannot be edited.

Download Certificates – allows the staff member to generate PDF copies of certificates for any Events or Levels that have been marked as passed for the student(s).

  • Clicking the button will display an option to Generate Certificates from the Selected Location. This allows you to select a specific location so the certificates generated will use the branding for that Location. 
  • Clicking YES begins a background task to generate the selected certificates as a PDF file. After it finishes generating, click on the background task to open and to print or download a copy of the certificate(s)
  • If only one passed level or event is chosen before clicking generate certificates, the PDF file will be named by the event or level and the student name.
    • For example: Completed Event 002 Event Certificate for Norm Clegg
  • If multiple passed levels or events are chosen (for one or more students) a single PDF file will be created with the title of “Completion Certificates” and will contain one page per certificate selected.

Customizing your certificates

  • Certificate branding colors reflect the selected Customer Portal branding color under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>SETTINGS.
  • The Logo on the certificate is from SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>SETTINGS>LOGO.

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Need more assistance?

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