Check-In Kiosk

iClassPro’s Check-In Kiosk will allow your parents to bypass the front desk and check their students in for class.  All they will need is the phone number associated with their account or QR code (if this option has been enabled)!

The Check-In Kiosk is run on a standalone computer that parents will use to check their children in for their scheduled event.  It is not mobile-accessible.

It is highly recommended to disable the Autofill/Auto-Complete browser settings on the computer to be used for the Check-In Kiosk.  Instructions on how to do this can be found in our How to Disable and Clear AutoFill Info in your Browser document.

To launch the Check-In Kiosk, go to the User icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and choose "Check-In Kiosk."

For information about setting up and using QR codes in the Check-In Kiosk, see our Using QR Codes with the Check-In Kiosk document.

To check in using the Kiosk:

  • At the Check-In Screen, enter either the primary or secondary phone number on the account and click the Arrow button to continue.
  • Select a child to check in.
  • A screen with all of the child’s enrollments for the day will come up with the class name, time, and area/room for each. Click “Check In” to register the child “Present” for a class. (If there are multiple classes for the child you can check in for each class as long as it is within the defined Early Check-In Window.)
  • A confirmation window will show that attendance has been saved.
  • Click “Go Back” to select another child to check in, or “I’m Done” to finish.
  • After clicking “I’m Done”, a Check-In Summary screen will be shown. Click “Got It!” to log out.

If a the family has not accepted your family policies, or if a student has not agreed to required student policies, they will not be offered the option to check in. Instead, the “Check In” button will be disabled and there will be a prompt to “Please See Front Desk.”

Classes that have the "Hide Enrollments" option enabled in the "Online Settings" section will not be shown on the Check-In Kiosk.


Staff User Permissions

Since launching the Check-In Kiosk requires logging in as an iClassPro Staff member, you may wish to create a unique staff user for this purpose. This staff member will need the following permissions:

Application Access:

  • iClassPro (FULL permission)


  • Families/Students (FULL permission)
    Attendance (FULL permission)
    See All Classes/Camps In Staff Portal (FULL permission)

When the staff member first logs in they will be presented with a page that says they are unauthorized.  However, they will still be able to access the Check-In Kiosk link under the User icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Additional Settings for the Check-In Kiosk

These settings can be found under SETTINGS>CHECK-IN KIOSK.

  • Enable Check-In Kiosk – enables the Check-In Kiosk function and accompanying option in the User menu.
  • Automatically mark check-ins after event start time as tardy – if a student checks in through the Kiosk after the start time of their scheduled event, they will automatically be marked as “Tardy.”
  • Restrict All Check-Ins - Prevents check-in and will operate the kiosk in read-only mode (meaning parents will be able to see their enrollment details but will not be able to check their students in).
  • Restrict Check-Ins For Missing Family Policies - Prevents check-in if family policy acceptance is not current. Instead, the “Check In” button will be disabled and there will be a prompt to “Please See Front Desk.”
  • Restrict Check-Ins For Missing Student Policies - Prevents check-in if student policy acceptance is not current. Instead, the “Check In” button will be disabled and there will be a prompt to “Please See Front Desk.”
  • Restrict Check-Ins for Overdue Balances – If enabled, a family will not be allowed to check in if they have an overdue balance. Instead, the “Check In” button will be disabled and there will be a prompt to “Please See Front Desk.”
  • Restrict Early Check-In Window – sets a limit to the number of minutes prior to an event that a student may check-in through the Kiosk. If enabled, a field will appear allowing you to specify the number of minutes before the event start time that check-ins are allowed.
  • Show Staff Names – enables/disables the names of event instructors from showing on the Check-In Kiosk screen. 
  • Seconds of Inactivity Before Check-In User is Logged Out - sets a limit to the number of seconds a user can be inactive before the system logs them out.
  • Enable QR Code Scanning - allows families or students to scan a QR code that has been assigned to them to speed up the check-in process. See our document Using QR Codes with the Check-In Kiosk for more information.

NOTE: Enabling the Check-In Kiosk essentially uses “Attendance Check-In Mode.”

Since iClassPro requires a complete set of data to record class attendance, this means that as soon as the first student in the class checks themselves in, all other students will be marked as “Absent” for the class. Attendance status will be updated as each student checks in or they are manually marked “Present” by a staff member.

This behavior is used for the Check-In Kiosk regardless of whether or not “Attendance Check-In Mode” is enabled under SETTINGS>STAFF PORTAL>GENERAL SETTINGS.

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