What Are Punch Passes?

Learn the basics of iClassPro's Punch Pass system.

What Are Punch Passes?

iClassPro’s Punch Pass system allows families to purchase a Pass that can be redeemed for “X” many visits to your facility. These Passes can be redeemed via the Check-In Kiosk, or Staff members can redeem them via the Office Portal.

When a Punch Pass is purchased, it is assigned to a specific student.  Redeeming the Pass creates a Single-Day enrollment in a selected class for that student and reduces the number of Passes they have remaining until the Pass is completely used up.

Passes can also be suspended or deleted if necessary.  Suspending a Pass allows it to be unsuspended later; deleting a Pass completely removes it from the system.

Follow the links below to learn more about how to set up and use the iClassPro Punch Pass system!

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