Creating a New Student

Note: Create a family before creating a student

Find or create the family you want to add the student to. Each student must be entered as part of a family.

  1. Edit the family or click the Students icon.
  2. Click New Student.
  3. Enter the Student's Details including name, birth date, and gender. The Association ID can be used for additional searchable text on the student page such as a Membership ID; Roll Sheet Comments can be used for notes to an instructor; Text entered into the student flag alert box will pop up any time that the student is edited or enrolled in a class from the family or student page.
  4. Save the student. This will allow you to edit additional tabs such as enrollments.
  5. (Optional) Create Enrollments for the student from the enrollments tab.
  6. (Optional) Manually mark acceptance of any Student Policies (if activated).
  7. (Optional) Attach any Keywords to the student that may apply.
  8. (Optional) Enter needed Medical Information for the student.
  9. (Optional) Enter any necessary student Notes.
  10. (Optional) Fill out any Custom Fields created by your business. Custom fields are created under the Student Template at Settings > Setup > Student Settings > Student Template.
  11. Save any additional changes to the student.

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