Classes Page Filters

The CLASSES page offers several filter options to help narrow your results when sending Email Blasts, generating roll sheets and evaluation reports, assigning sessions or making bulk changes with the QuickEdit tool, or just to see at a glance which classes are associated with particular programs or have certain keywords assigned.

After you have finished with a particular set of filters, be sure to click RESET FILTERS or press ESC on your keyboard to clear them.

(Note that when sending Email Blasts from the CLASSES page, the system only sends to current enrollments.  To send an Email Blast to past or future enrollments, you will need to do so from the FAMILIES or STUDENTS page and use the ACTIVE and “Active On Date” filters to limit your results.) 

  • Class Status
    • Enrollment Date
  • Day of the week
  • Start Times
  • Sessions
  • Programs
  • Levels
  • Rooms
  • Tuitions
  • Ages
  • Genders
  • Availability (as of “Enrollment Date”)
    • Has Openings
    • No Openings
    • Has Future Absences
    • Has Drops
  • Instructors
  • All Online Settings
    • Show to Customers
    • Hide Enrollments
    • Allow Registration
  • Keywords

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