News and Announcements Feature

iClassPro's “News & Announcements” feature to help keep customers in the know in a unique way that is convenient for both you and your customers! This feature allows businesses to create blog-style posts that will be displayed in the parent portal under an “Announcements” link in the navigation.

These entries can help a business relay vital information about closures, general notifications, registration deadlines, highlight staff members or customers and more! The possibilities are endless.



Viewing Announcements:

If there are no announcements published for the location being viewed, the link to announcements will disappear.

The link structure to the list of announcements on the parent portal is:

Click on an announcement to read the full content. Example below:


Staff Permissions

To begin composing an announcement, the staff user will need to have permissions set to access the area and for the level of control that staff member has. Under the User Group or the Advanced Staff Permissions for the user, the permission settings pertaining to this new feature are:

Page Access>News & Announcements
This is either Full to enable the link to access the News & Announcements link in the User Panel or None to disable it.

Tasks>News & Announcements
Options for this permission are:

  • None – no visible information after clicking link.
  • View – staff member can view but not create or modify announcements.
  • Full – staff member can view, create and modify announcements.


Tasks> Delete News & Announcements
This is either Full to enable the user to delete any announcements or None to only be able to delete entries they created.


To compose an announcement, the user will access the User Panel and then select the News & Announcements link.


This will not appear if the staff member does not have page access to this feature.

This will open a new page, with the link structure of:!/news

Search Options
After accessing the page, there will be search tools on the left to search the Announcements by Title and the Date Created.


The results are paginated and the view can be adjusted.

Click an entry to edit. For each announcement, the following details are shown:

  • Image & Title
  • Visibility
  • Location(s)
  • Date Created
  • Created By
  • Status


Creating an Announcement

To begin creating an announcement, click Create New Announcement.


Announcement Fields
Each Announcement posted will include:

  • Announcement Title – the subject of the announcement (no formatting options – uses pre-determined CSS styling).
  • Announcement Content – any text, images, links, tables, etc. used to convey the message to customers.
  • Entry/Display Date – set by the Publish or Scheduled options
  • Main Image - (optional) a graphic designed to catch the customer’s attention for this announcement. Click “Upload one Now” to upload an image.

    While a main image is not required, if one is not posted, then a grey image icon will take it’s place for display purposes.

    • When displayed as a Thumbnail – the image will be centered and the shortest side of the image will be used as the dimension to crop it into a size that will be conveyed proportionally as a 153 x 98 pixel image.
    • When displayed as a Banner – the image will be centered and cropped to display the middle 200 pixels in height by approximately 720 pixels in width.
  • Selected Location(s) – locations chosen here will display the announcement after a location is selected in the parent portal
  • Status – Choose the status of the post from the following options:
    • Draft – a status for while you’re still working on the announcement, but wish to save your work.
    • Published – allows you to publish the post and pick the entry date to be displayed online.
      Note: Choosing a future date will still allow the post to be published immediately, but show the future date on the entry.
    • Scheduled – allows you to set up a published day and time ahead of schedule, as well as an expiration date and time for the announcement to make it remove itself from the parent portal automatically.
    • Hidden – allows you to take down a published announcement without deleting it.
  • Visibility – Choose which customers can view the announcement once it is published.
    • Public – can be viewed by anyone who accesses the parent portal – good for posting instructions and closures!
    • Private – can be viewed only by customers who log into the parent portal or create an account – good for information that you wish to only share with customers. 

To Post or Not to Post?

After entering all the required information for the post, choose:

  • Save Draft or Save – to store a copy of the announcement without making it visible in the parent portal.
  • Save & Publish – to store a copy of the announcement and make it visible in the designated areas of the parent portal.
  • Cancel – to navigate away from the unsaved announcement.


Audit Log Trail

When announcements are created, deleted and edited, iClassPro records the changes with audit log entries.

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