What is the CLASSES Page?

Learn about the “Classes” page and how you can use it to manage classes and enrollments in iClassPro.

What is the CLASSES page?

The “Classes” page allows you to perform many class-related functions, including:

To access the “Classes” page, click the “Classes” icon in the navigation bar at the top of the screen:


What Information is displayed on the CLASSES page?

For each Class, the following information is displayed:

  • (*) Class Name - Name of the Class
  • Occupancy
  • Instructors - Instructor(s) attached to the Class
  • (*) Zone - Zone/Area attached to the Class
  • (*) Schedule - Day(s)/TIme(s) when the class will be held

(*) indicates that clicking on the column name will sort the information. By default, the information is sorted alphabetically by the Class name.

Which Filters are available?

What actions can be performed from the CLASSES page?

To the left of each Class are various “Action” icons. Clicking on an icon will present you with options to perform specific tasks related to the Class.


  • Pencil/Edit icon - allows you to edit Class details.
  • Enrollments - allows you to view enrollments in the class and perform additional enrollment-related tasks:
    • Enrollment Wizard - launches the Student Enrollment Wizard to enroll a student into the selected class.
    • Group Enroll - Allows you to enroll multiple students in the selected class
    • Group Transfer - Allows you to transfer multiple students from the selected class into another class.
    • Drop All - Allows you to assign a drop date to all of the students in the selected class.
      • Can be limited to Current students, Future students, or All students.
    • View/Edit/Contact class enrollments - displays all enrollments in the class, categorized into enrollment types. Defaults to show “All Enrollments.”
  • To the left of each enrollment is an “Actions” icon that can be used to perform tasks related to the enrollment. Clicking the icon will reveal this options:
    • Edit Enrollment - allows you to edit details of the selected enrollment.
    • Edit Student - launches the Student Details window.
    • Edit Family - launches the Family Details window.
    • Email Family - launches the Student Email Blast window.
  • Calendar - switches to the CALENDAR page showing only the selected class.
  • Class Notes - Allows you to create/update Class Notes.
  • Class Attendance - Allows you to view, record or edit attendance for the class over a specified date range.
  • Class Evaluations - allows you to view, record, or edit skill evaluations for the class.

What QuickTool options are available from the CLASSES page?

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