How Do I Duplicate a Class?

Learn how to use the "Create a Duplicate" option to save time and effort when creating a group of classes where the only information that is changing might be the name, the schedule or other minor details. Also learn how to duplicate classes in bulk using the Mass Copy Tool.

Manually duplicating a class

  1. Create and save your first class (the one you will want to duplicate).
  2. Use the pencil/edit icon to open the details of that class.
  3. Click the "Create a Duplicate" button at the bottom of the window.
  4. In the duplicate class window (labeled "Class Details :: New Class)edit the details to match the information for the new class you want to create.
  5. Save the duplicate class with the new details.

You will now see both of the classes listed on the classes page! We hope you find this time-saving tool easy to use.

Duplicating classes using the Mass Copy tool

  1. On the CLASSES page, select the classes you wish to duplicate.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click the "Mass Copy" icon (shown in blue below).
  3. In the window that comes up, make any changes that should be made to the duplicate classes, including enabling/disabling proration, class requirements and billing schedules/tuitions. 

    It is recommended to use the first option to assign a keyword to the newly created classes to help identify them more easily (the keyword can be removed later). The keyword created will be labeled with the date and time that the class copy took place.

  4. Click "Copy" to copy the classes.

    NOTE: Any addition of session/rolling session data can be made after copying the classes by searching the classes page by the keyword created during that process and then using the Mass Assign Sessions tool. Learn more about the Mass Assign Sessions/Rolling Sessions tool here.

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