Creating a New Class

Note: Required Setup: Programs, Billing Schedules, and Tuition.

Settings > Setup > General Settings

The Details Tab

  1. Click New Class in the upper left hand corner of the classes page.
    Note: Please note the tabs at the top of the class window, including the Details, Billing, and Schedule tabs. 
  2. Enter the details for the class you are creating. Required fields on the Details tab include a class name, a program for tracking income, min/max ages for students, a maximum number of enrollments, and gender requirements.

    Age requirements must be entered in numbers. If you are basing the age on partial years, please refer to the following table for the appropriate decimal values. (So for example, a camp where the minimum age is 3 years, 4 months should be entered as 3.3333.)

    Months  Decimal Value
    1 0.0833
    2 0.1667
    3 0.25
    4 0.3333
    5 0.4167
    6 0.5
    7 0.5833
    8 0.6667
    9 0.75
    10 0.8333
    11 0.9167
  3. The Parent Portal Options allow you to show this class on the web, allow web registration, and offers a class description for customers (available from the parent portal class list). 

The Billing Tab

  1. Go to the Billing Tab This is where you set up the billing structure for this class. 
  2. Add at least one Billing Schedule and Tuition Pair to determine the frequency and dollar amount of the charges for enrollments. Choose a Billing Schedule and a Tuition, then click "Add Billing" to attach it to the class as seen in the table at the top of the image.

    For more information about Billing Schedules and Tuition Pairs, click here.

  3. If the class uses hourly billing (the tuition rate times the # of class hours) check the box "This class bills hourly." Additionally, choose how to handle proration - over the period of a week or a billing cycle. Then choose over what time frame class hours are counted (total hours in a week or total hours over the month or session using the billing cycle setting).
  4. Choose whether or not to allow Proration and Discounts.
     If the discount schedule for this class is different from the program on the class, you can Override the Discount Schedule at the bottom of the window. If you have created blackout dates in your settings, proration must be allowed for the class to use them to adjust tuition.

How Class Bill Dates Work

The Bill Dates tab will allow you to choose Sessions or Rolling Sessions which indicate the length of time billing is assessed over and control re-enrollment.

Classes must use one of the following bill date options:

  1. This Class Bills Monthly - this means that enrollments are continuous (with no set start/drop date) and billed by the calendar month (4-5 weeks).
  2. This Class Bills According to Custom Date Ranges - Rolling Sessions (Keep students enrolled after session ends)- this means that the enrollments are continuous (with no set drop date) and are billed by custom date ranges, such as every 6 weeks (which are typically back to back).
  3. This Class Bills According to Custom Date Ranges - Sessions (Drop students after session ends) - this means that the enrollments have pre-defined start and drop dates, where the student must re-enroll for class each session. Student tuition is then billed and prorated over the session dates.
  • After students are enrolled in a session, the dates of the session can no longer be edited in Settings > Setup > Class Settings.
  • If you are changing the way your classes bill (ex: switching from rolling session bill dates to monthly bill dates), you must create a new class. See Duplicating a Class for more information on how to do this.

The Schedule Tab 

  1. Open the Schedule Tab.
  2. The schedule tab is a required setting where you can add the days and times that this class meets. Students enrolled in the class will assume all days on the schedule for billing and attendance purposes. If you have a class that is set up to allow students to choose which days they attend, each class day should be set up as its own class.
  3. (Optional) The Instructors tab allows you to attach coaches or instructors to the class.
  4. (Optional) The Keywords tab allows you to attach one or more keywords to the class for custom filtering options on reports and pages.
  5. (Optional after initial save) The Promo Codes tab allows you to determine which promotional codes set up in your account can be applied towards this class. Promo Codes are added under Settings>Setup>General Settings.
  6. (Optional) The Skill Tree tab allows you to override the default Skill Tree that the class inherits from its program. Skill Trees are set up under Settings>Setup>General Settings.
  7. (Optional) The  Custom Fields tab allows you to keep track of additional class information visible only to staff members. Custom fields are added using the class template under Settings>Setup>Class Settings.
  8. Save your work.

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