How to Set Up Discounts

What are Discount Schedules?

Discount schedules are tables used to reference how students' classes should be ordered, how much should be discounted (multiple class and/or multiple student discounts) and if any Special Discounts apply to classes.

When determining this, ALL ACTIVE type class enrollments for a student are counted (across all programs) and then ordered (from most expensive to least expensive). However, only classes which are set up to use discounts and have a discount schedule attached to them will be discounted.

For example, Molly Smith is enrolled in the following 3 classes - 

  • Beginners Tumble Monday 5:30PM $125/mo
  • Beginners Trampoline Tuesday 6:00PM $175/mo
  • Beginner & Intermediate Combined Practice Thursday 4:15PM $95/mo

Her classes would be ordered as follows, when pulling discounts (most expensive to least expensive):

  • Class 1 (Row 1)- Beginners Trampoline Tuesday 6:00PM $175/mo 
  • Class 2 (Row 2)- Beginners Tumble Monday 5:30PM $125/mo
  • Class 3 (Row 3) - Beginner & Intermediate Combined Practice Thursday 4:15PM $95/mo

Even if each of these classes is attached to a different discount schedule, the discount amount for each class will always reference the assigned row.

Details Tab

To create a Discount Schedule for multiple class or multiple student discounts, go to Settings > Setup > Class Settings > Discount Schedules and click "Create New".
  1. Name your discount schedule (ex: "Recreational Discounts")
  2. Count Classes/Hours By: This field controls the way that classes, or hours are counted in the table where the discounts are defined. Each class is considered a row in that table. The counting option is then used to locate within that table, which discounts to use for class enrollments. There are three ways to count: "One at a Time", "One at a Time Per Student" or "Total". If you set it to count classes "one at a time," each class enrollment will be assigned a row on the table and each enrollment will assume the discount in that corresponding row/cell. If you set it to count classes "one at a time per student", each student's class enrollment is assigned a row in the table and each enrollment will assume the discount in that corresponding row/cell. (This setting only affects scenarios when you also choose to “Count Students By Total” and there are multiple active students in the family; otherwise the system works the same as if you just chose “One at a Time.”) If you count classes by "total," all of a student's classes will use the same discount from the table cell matching the total number of classes they are enrolled in.
  3. Count Students By: Similar to count classes/hours, this setting deals with how to count students in a family. There are two ways to count: "One at a Time" or "Total". If you count students "one at a time," each unique student in a family is assigned a column in the discount schedule. So student one will receive the discounts in column one, student two will receive the discounts in column two, etc. If you count students by "total," all of the family's students will be assigned to a single column of discounts within the discount table which corresponds to the total number of enrolled students in that family.
  4. Students Ordered By: (assuming you count students one at a time) There are two ways to order students in the discount schedule: "Most expensive class" or "Highest Total Tuition". If you order students by "most expensive class," the student with the highest tuition rate out of all family enrollments will be set as student 1 in the discount table. The rest of the students will be ordered by descending tuition rates. If you order students by "highest total tuition," then the student in the family with the highest combined tuition rate across all of his/her enrollments is considered student 1 and the rest of the students will be ordered by descending tuition totals.
  5. Minimum Charge Amount: This is a dollar or percentage amount of tuition that must be met. In other words, if the tuition for a class can never be discounted below a specific dollar fee or percentage of the tuition rate, that amount is entered here. (If you do not have a minimum charge requirement for classes, you can skip this setting.)

Tables Tab

When creating a discount schedule, there is always a Default table included. If a class uses a billing schedule that does not have a specific table in the discount schedule, it will use this default table.

You may also add new tables for specific billing schedules by choosing one from the drop down menu at the top of the page. Because each class or program can only have one discount schedule attached, this enables customers with multiple billing schedules (billing/payment plans) to offer different discounts for different tuition rates. Adding a billing schedule will create a new table in the tabs below.

To begin, select the tab for the table you wish to edit. Below, the Monthly billing schedule discount table has been selected. The discounts in this table will only be applied to classes/enrollments set up to use both this discount schedule and the Monthly billing schedule.

Within the discount schedule table:

  • Columns - represent siblings
  • Rows - represent additional classes

Using our previous example of Molly, if she were the first student and all of her classes used this discount schedule - we would use the pricing in column 1. If you remember, her classes were:

  • Class 1 (Row 1)- Beginners Trampoline Tuesday 6:00PM $175/mo - Column 1, Row 1 is blank, so Molly would not get a discount for Class 1.
  • Class 2 (Row 2)- Beginners Tumble Monday 5:30PM $125/mo - Column 1, Row 2 has a 10% discount, so she would get 10% off of $125 (or a $12.50 discount).
  • Class 3 (Row 3) - Beginner & Intermediate Combined Practice Thursday 4:15PM $95/mo - Column 1, Row 3 has a 10% discount, so she would get 10% off of $95 (or a $9.50 discount).

If Molly had a sibling, that siblings classes would also be ordered, and he or she would receive the discounts in Column 2 - with the most expensive class being 15% off and the remaining classes being discounted by 20%.

Note: If there is not a row or column for the number of students or class enrollments in the discount schedule, iClassPro will use the last discount entered above or to the left of where the row/column would be to determine the discount.

Note: Use the + Add a Row/Column buttons to add more rows & columns. Use the red X next to a row or column to remove it from the table.

Special Discounts Tab

Part 1. Entering special discount rates.

Click on special discounts to set discount dollar amounts or percentages for Employee, Service, Members, or Earlybird Discounts and click save.

  • Employee Discount: For the families of the employees at your business.
  • Service Discount: For military families.
  • Member Discount: For families who have a membership at your business (based on your own "membership" critera).
  • Earlybird Discount: For paying tuition by an early bird date (NOT for early registration).

For more details, see our Special Discounts and Early Bird Discounts article.

Part 2. Apply Special Discounts to Families.

To receive special discounts, a family must have their eligibility marked on the family information page. Go to the families page, find the family you wish to edit, and click the Pencil icon to edit the family.

Scroll to the bottom of the window, click the blue View More option, and then click the Special Discounts link to display the section shown on the right. Select Yes for the discounts the family is eligible for. Then click save.

Note: Earlybird Discount eligibility dates can only be set when creating charges.

Applying Discount Schedules to Programs

Go to Settings > Setup > General Settings > Programs 

Double click a program to edit it and attach the discount schedule.

Remember to save any changes.

Overriding a Discount Schedule for a Specific Class

Go to the classes page, click the pencil icon next to the class that uses a different discount schedule from its program. 

Click on the Billing tab in the class information. At the bottom of the window, select the Discount Schedule you would like to be used for this class.

Remember to save any changes.

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