How Do I Create/Configure Programs?

Learn how Programs are used in iClassPro and how to create them.

What is a Program?

Programs are labels used to organize classes, camps and income into different areas of your business. Programs can either be very general (Gymnastics, Cheer, Swim, Dance, Team etc) or very detailed (Rec Classes Ages 0-4, Bronze Team, Intermediate Tumbling, etc.) depending on your accounting and enrollment tracking needs.

Programs must be set up before creating classes. Each class associated with a specific program will inherit any Discount Schedule, Blackout Schedule, Promotional Code or Skills settings from that Program.

On financial reports, Programs are also used to separate income into different parts or departments of your business based on the Program name.programs01.png

Creating a New Program

  2. Click on Add New Program.
  3. Enter a Name for the new program.
  4. Assign a Discount Schedule to the program. (If you are not ready to do so, you can edit this later.)
  5. Assign a Blackout Schedule to the program. (If you are not ready to do so, you can edit this later.)
  6. Non-Class/Non-Camp Program: If this option is enabled, only financial data can be tracked under the program. No classes, camps or enrollments can be associated with it.
  7. Select any Keywords to be associated with the Program.
  8. Select any Promo Codes to be associated with the Program.
  9. Select a Tax Rate that will be automatically selected when creating charges related to this program. Separate options will be available for each Location if there is more than one active Location set up on your account. (NOTE: There is also an option on each class/camp to override the inherited tax rate or to make that particular class/camp tax-exempt.)
  10. On the Branding tab of the new program window, you can assign a description and image to a Class/Camp program. The image will be displayed to customers on the Customer Portal/Mobile App; the description is only used for staff reference in the Office Portal.
    • The Program branding image needs to be twice as wide as it is high, or a ratio of 2:1 (such as 400px x 200px).
  11. On the Skills tab of the new program window, you can attach any relevant portions of the Skill Tree which will apply to classes or camps within this program.
  12. Once you have finished entering all of the relevant data, click Save to create the new program.

To edit an existing Program, click on the pencil/edit icon next to the Program and make any necessary changes.  Be sure to click Save when you are finished.

Accounting Considerations

Each class or camp is assigned to a Program and all income related to enrollments in that class or camp will be reported as income in that Program, which will be broken out by Charge Categories to explain what is being charged (June Tuition, Winter Session, Summer Camp, etc.).

Even charges which are not related directly to classes or camps must be attached to a Program.

Certain programs which will not be used for classes or camps, but only for financial tracking can be set up as "Non-Class/Non-Camp programs" which means that the program will not appear when creating a new class or camp and are not visible when searching for classes or camps by program in either the Office Portal or Customer Portal. Non-Class/Non-Camp programs only appear as an option on "Other" line item type charges and when running financial reports.

Some examples of common Non-Class/Non-Camp Programs are: Anniversary Fees, Pro Shop, Late Fees, Uniform Fees, etc.

Enrollment Considerations

Student enrollments are connected to the Program that is attached to the class/camp they are attending.

When creating the enrollment, you can use filters to search for classes with openings by Program.

When sending out communications, you can easily filter down to a group of students across classes/camps by Program.

When running enrollment reports (such as the Class List report or Program Summary report) Programs give you the ability to search and group enrollment numbers across several classes/camps.

Need more assistance?

Customer support is available at 1-877-554-6776 Mon - Fri, 9 am to 9 pm (CT) and Sat, 9 am to 6 pm (CT).