How Do the Class/Camp “Auto-Approval” Criteria Work?

Learn about the “Auto-Approval” tab for Classes and Camps, and how these settings work to establish criteria for automatically approving enrollment requests (even if the “Auto-Approve Requests” setting is disabled in your Customer Portal settings).

Why is there an “Auto-Approval” tab when there is already a setting to “Auto-Approve Requests”?

iClassPro offers a Customer Portal setting to "Auto-Approve Requests" that is based on the student meeting the minimum/maximum age and gender requirements for a class. However, this is a global setting and affects all class enrollment requests submitted via the Customer Portal or Mobile App.

The “Auto-Approval” tab on each class/camp allows you to use specific age or Skill Level criteria to decide whether enrollments are auto-approved on a per-class or per-camp basis, without having to enable auto-approval for all enrollments.

How does this work with existing “Auto-Approve Requests” settings?

For Class and Camp enrollments

For classes, this refers to the setting under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>CLASS SETTINGS>"Auto-Approve Requests" that applies to all class enrollment requests. For camps, it refers to the individual per-camp setting located on the camp's "Customer Portal" tab.

  • If "Auto-approve Requests" is ENABLED for the class/camp, then these new age/level criteria act as additional criteria that must be met for auto-approval (in addition to any class min/max age and gender requirements).
  • If "Auto-approve Requests" is DISABLED for the class/camp, then these new age/level/both criteria act as an override that will allow enrollments to be auto-approved anyway (if the criteria are met).

For Punch Pass redemption

If a family/student attempts to redeem a Punch Pass via the Check-In Kiosk, they must meet any Auto-Approve Prerequisites for the selected class if any are defined. If they fail to meet the Auto-Approve Prerequisites, they will not be allowed to redeem the Punch Pass for that specific class.

How do I configure the “Auto-Approval” tab?

When launching the “Auto-Approval” tab, you will need to enable the “Use Auto-Approve Prerequisites” setting to configure your auto-approve criteria.

What Criteria can be used for auto-approving enrollments?

Criteria that can be defined on this tab are NONE, AGE, SKILL LEVEL, or BOTH.

NONE (Always Auto-Approve)

If enabled, this means that there are NO additional prerequisites defined, and all enrollments should be auto-approved if the student meets age/gender requirements and an opening is available.

If this option is selected, you will not be able to define AGE or SKILL LEVEL criteria.

AGE Criteria

Students meeting the age criteria defined here would be auto-approved; those who do not meet the criteria will be submitted as requests:

  • Min age - must be within the age range established by the default class requirements set on the Class Details tab.
  • Max age - must be within the age range established by the default class requirements set on the Class Details tab.

To allow for "greater than" or "less than" age requirements, either one of the fields may be left empty. For example, If Max age is set at 5 and Min age is empty, it means <=5. Likewise, if Min age is 5 and Max age is empty, it means >=5.

NOTE: the Max age value will interpret a whole number as allowing any student of that age, regardless of the number of months (for example, entering "5" or "5.0" would allow any student between 5-5.9999 years).  To further limit the Max age, please enter a decimal value greater than or equal to 5.0001.

SKILL LEVEL criteria

Students meeting the skill level criteria defined here would be auto-approved; those who do not meet the criteria will be submitted as requests)

  • If enabled, the skill tree will be displayed and you will be able to select a Skill Level which must be passed by the student in order for the enrollment to be auto-approved.
    • If Skill Level is selected, an additional field called "Skill Level Passed within the Previous 'X' Months" will be displayed to specify the time frame during which the Skill Level must have been marked "Passed".
      • If this option is ENABLED, the enrollment will only be auto-approved if the selected Skill Level was marked as "passed" within the defined number of months.
      • If this option is DISABLED, the enrollment will be auto-approved if the selected Skill Level was marked "passed" at any time.

NOTE: "Passed" is interpreted as meaning that the "Passed" indicator must be toggled on for the Skill Level assessment. Even if all individual skills/events attached to that Skill Level are marked "Passed", the student will not be allowed to auto-enroll if the Skill Level itself is not marked "Passed."

BOTH criteria

Combines both AGE and SKILL LEVEL criteria. If this option is used, the student must meet BOTH criteria for their enrollment to be auto-approved.

How can I update this criteria?

You can update this information in several ways:

  • Individually - by editing the information on the "Auto-Approval" tab for a particular class or camp.
  • QuickEdit - you can use the Class QuickEdit tool to update the "Auto-Approval" tab on multiple classes at one time.
  • Mass Copy - when using the Mass Copy tool to duplicate multiple classes, you can choose to update the "Auto-Approval" tab during the copy process.

Need more assistance?

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