What is the Point of Sale Feature?

Learn about iClassPro’s Point of Sale feature.

What is Point of Sale?

iClassPro's Point of Sale allows you to maintain an inventory of products and sell those products to family within the Office Portal. The Point of Sale interface is also used to control the sale of Student Punch Passes (if this feature is configured).

Preliminary Setup

Setting up Products and Inventory

Before you can begin making sales, you must first configure your Point of Sale settings to establish item categories, enter products and record inventory. Setting up your Point of Sale system is done under the USER MENU>POINT OF SALE option.

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Staff Permissions

Enabling Point of Sale for the Customer Portal

NOTE: Enabling Point of Sale on Customer Portal will also automatically enable it for iClassPro App or iClassPro Branded App customers using version 1.34.0 or later.

Using the Point of Sale Feature

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