How Do I Review Point of Sale Purchases?

Learn about options for obtaining sales reports or reviewing Point of Sale transactions in the Office Portal.

Available Point of Sale Reports

These reports are available under REPORTS>FINANCIAL

  • Category List Report: List of charges by charge category and charge date. Most frequently used to determine the individuals who were charged using a specific charge category across programs with a list of charge details such as family name, charge date, due date, the title of the charge, the amount charged, tax charged, paid amounts for those charges, and the remainder due.
  • Point of Sale: Sales (FIN-19): generates a list of product sales within a specified date range.
  • Point of Sale: Inventory on Hand (FIN-20): generates a list of products in your system with the amount of inventory on hand as of a specified date.

Using the Point of Sale Transactions Log

The Point of Sale Transactions Log can be accessed under USER MENU>POINT OF SALE>PURCHASES

This screen lists each Point of Sale transaction in the database along with the date, family name, location, the number of items purchased, subtotal, discounts applied, sales tax, total paid, and fulfilled status. Clicking the down arrow to the right of an entry will bring up details about the sale, including specific products purchased and quantities, the price paid per item subtotal per product, and fulfilled status.

Fulfilled status options are:

    • Unfulfilled
    • Partially Fulfilled
    • Fulfilled

NOTE: Purchases made from the Office Portal Point of Sale screen will be automatically marked “Fulfilled”; however, staff will be able to update this status if needed.


Purchase Filters are also available to limit the results.

  • Date Range
  • Status
    • Unfulfilled – the order has not been picked up.
    • Partially Fulfilled – at least one item in the order has not been picked up.
    • Fulfilled – all items in the order have been picked up and the order is complete.
    • Gift Recipient – the order was purchased online for someone else.
    • Guest Checkout – the purchaser was not logged into the Customer Portal at the time the purchase was made.
  • Source
    • All – filters results to display purchases made from both Office Portal “Point of Sale” screen and Customer Portal.
    • Point of Sale – filters results to display purchases made from Office Portal “Point of Sale” screen only.
    • Customer Portal – filters results to display purchases made from Customer Portal only.
  • Location(s)

The search box can be used to search for a specific transaction by family name.

Viewing purchase details

Clicking on a purchase record will allow you to view all charges/payments related to a particular purchase.

If an item was on sale at the time of purchase, the actual price paid will be shown with the original price listed as well (designated by a strikethrough).


IMPORTANT NOTE: The PURCHASES screen simply lists the purchases made through the Point of Sale system and were recorded on family ledgers.  It does not reflect whether or not the item(s) actually have a payment applied to them.

Editing an existing purchase record

If the staff member accessing the record has been granted the "Point of Sale Price Override" permission, or they have been granted "Admin Access", the system will display a pencil/edit icon next to the charge item.  Clicking this icon will launch the "Edit/View Charge" screen, from which they will be able to:

  • Remove a payment application from the charge.
  • Edit details for the existing charge, such as:
    • Changing the Program associated with the charge.
    • Changing the Charge Category associated with the charge.
    • Editing the Charge Title or Line Item Title.
    • Manually add a Discount to the existing charge.
  • Add a new "Discount" or "Promo Code" line item to the existing charge.

It is noted that while staff members without these permissions will still be allowed to launch the "Edit/View Charge" screen, they will not be able to make any changes to the charge record itself.  They will only be allowed to remove a payment application from the charge.

Returning a Point of Sale Purchase

You can use the red "Return Purchase" button next to the order ID to return a purchase.


Gift Purchases made in the Customer Portal

Gift purchases made from the Customer Portal are designated with the Type listed as “Order (Gift)” when viewing the expanded charge details.


Hovering over the “Gift” icon will show the Gift Recipient details:


Need more assistance?

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