How Do I Add/Update Vendors (Point of Sale)?

Learn about adding and maintaining your list of Vendors in the Point of Sale module.

Accessing the “Vendors” screen

You can access the “Vendors” screen by navigating to SETTINGS>POINT OF SALE>VENDORS.

The Vendors section provides a list of available Vendors that items can be assigned to Products for filtering purposes on the Inventory view and Point of Sale financial reports.

The search box at the top of the screen can be used to search for a specific Vendor.


Creating new Vendors

Use the “Create New Vendor” button to add a new Vendor, then enter the following information for the Vendor:


  • Vendor Name – The name of the Vendor. (Required field)
  • Address – The mailing address for the Vendor.
  • City – The city associated with the mailing address for the Vendor.
  • State – The state/county/province associated with the mailing address for the Vendor.
  • Zip – The postal/ZIP code associated with the mailing address for the Vendor.
  • Country – The country associated with the mailing address for the Vendor.
  • Phone – The phone number for the Vendor.
  • Email – The email address for the Vendor.
  • Website – The Website for the Vendor.
  • Login Info – The Login Information for the Vendor’s website. (After being saved, this field can only be viewed by Admin users and Staff members who have been granted the “Point Of Sale Vendor Logins” Task permission.)
  • Notes – used to record notes specific to the Vendor.

After entering the relevant information, click SAVE to create the Vendor account.

Editing existing Vendors

Use the pencil/edit icon next to an existing Vendor to edit the existing details. Be sure to SAVE any changes.

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