How Do I Add/Update Inventory (Point of Sale)?

Learn about adding and maintaining Inventory counts for Products in the Point of Sale module.

While staff members can view inventory for all locations if they have permission to do so, they will only be able to update inventory for a location/locations for which they have been granted access.

Accessing the Inventory screen

You can access the “Inventory” screen by navigating to USER MENU>POINT OF SALE>INVENTORY.

The Inventory section provides a list of each item variant in your product database along with its SKU, the location(s) at which the item is available and the quantity on hand. Use the [+] or [-] buttons on the right-hand side to update quantities. (Be sure to click SAVE at the top of the screen to update the totals.)

Clicking on the item name will take you to the product listing to edit specific details.

The search box at the top of the screen can be used to search for a specific item. Filters are available to set minimum/maximum quantities, choose specific vendors and/or select locations.


Making manual Inventory adjustments

When making adjustments from the Inventory screen, you can select adjustment types via dropdown menu. Adjustment types include:

  • Other/Reset
  • Return
  • Shrinkage
  • Damage
  • Used/Comped
  • Discontinued
  • Expired
  • New Stock
  • Purchase


Using the Inventory “Reset” button

The "Reset" button will allow “zeroing” out the inventory count for the item. Clicking the button brings up a warning screen:


  • Resetting a product's inventory will be reflected in the Audit Log with the following Action note: Point of Sale: Set on-hand count to 0 for [Product Name].
  • If a product's inventory is Reset, an Adjustment Type of ZERO will be shown on the Point of Sale: Inventory on Hand Report (FIN-20) if the option to show "Inventory Log Details" is enabled for the report.

Using the "Reset" button completely removes all previous Inventory updates, including any "unfulfilled" status entries.  If these entries need to be maintained, you should use the +/- buttons to manually reduce the inventory count to zero rather than using the "Reset" button.

You can view Inventory/Adjustment history by clicking the “More” icon (three horizontal lines) to the right of the “Update Quantity By” column in the Inventory view. Adjustments shown will only reflect changes since the last Reset action.

Updating Inventory using the export/import CSV

If you are using Inventory Tracking and SKUs are assigned to all Products and variations, Inventory counts can also be updated using a CSV spreadsheet.

  1. From the Inventory view, you can filter the view as you wish, then click EXPORT.
  2. Download the CSV file from your Background Tasks.
  3. Open the CSV file in Excel or other spreadsheet program, then edit the inventory quantities and pricing overrides as needed.
    NOTE: The import/export file includes both “Internal ID” and “SKU” fields – if there is no Internal ID entered, the system will attempt to match by SKU during the import.(For example, if the product has inventory tracking enabled but has no variants, there may only be an Internal ID assigned. If there are variants, they will each have a unique SKU.)
  4. Save your changes.
  5. Use the IMPORT button to select your CSV file and update the Inventory details.

Need more assistance?

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