Which Staff Permissions are Needed to Use Point of Sale?

Learn about which staff permissions are needed to use the iClassPro Point of Sale feature.

In order to use the Point of Sale system, staff members will need to be granted permission to do so.  There are two new staff permissions available to control whether or not staff can access the Point of Sale system and whether or not they can override prices:


  • Point of Sale – if disabled, the staff member will not be able to access the Point of Sale system.
  • Point of Sale Override – if enabled, the staff member will be allowed to manually edit the price of an item in the shopping cart. (The original price is recorded with the transaction as it is with sale items).

If staff members need to be able to add products, categories, adjust inventory or see purchase history, they will need access to the "Settings" Page to be able to access the "Point of Sale" settings.

The Point of Sale feature is only available for iClassPro Plus customers. Please visit https://www.iclasspro.com/plus for more information about this service and how to sign up!

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