How Do I Book a Party in the Office Portal?

Learn how to book a party in the Office Portal.

Which staff permissions are needed to book a party in the Office Portal?

To have full access to book parties in the Office Portal, staff members will need the following permissions:

  • Application Access - gives the user the ability to access iPartyPro.
    • To access iPartyPro, staff members will need full permissions to the "iClassPro" application.
  • Page Access - gives the user access to the parties page in account navigation and to the settings to add party options.
    • To access the PARTIES page, staff members will need full permissions to the "Parties" page.
    • To configure/update party packages, timeslots, and other details, staff members will need full permissions to the "Settings" page.
  • Task Access - establishes the level of control the user has over parties in the parties page.
    • Viewing/Creating Party Bookings
      • To view party bookings, staff members will need "View" permissions to the "Parties" task.
      • To edit/create party bookings, staff members will need "Full" permissions to the "Parties" task.

If staff members should be allowed to delete party bookings, they will also need "Full" permissions to the "Delete Parties" task.

Booking Instructions

Staff members can book parties from the Parties page.

From there, the staff member can use search filters to find an available booking to edit or jump straight to the New Booking button.

  1. Select a Station for the party. To see the description for the selected station, click on the orange help button.
  2. Choose the Date and Time Slot from the drop downs. Only available dates and times will populate.
  3. Enter a Party Title for quick reference.
  4. Enter the Number of Guests.
  5. Attach a Family. A family is required to track financials.
    Search Families by the guardian’s first or last name, phone number or email address. Click the word Select next to the family in the results.
    Add a New Family, by entering the guardian’s first and last name, phone number, email, and a password for the portal. Then click Save.
  6. Enter a Person of Honor or Honoree.
    On existing families, you can choose an existing student from that family to +Add as Honoree from the family section displayed.
    If the Honoree is not listed in the Family section, use the Add Honoree button to create one.
  7. Fill out the Contact section to note who to speak with about the party arrangements. The confirmation email will be sent to this email address once the party is saved.
  8. Enter any Customer or Staff Notes regarding the booking. Customer notes will print on the form and display in emails.
  9. Choose a Package. For more info, click on Details.
  10. Include any Add-ons. For more info, click on Details.
  11. Select the Hosts (staff members) responsible for this party.
  12. Review the Party Totals! This section breaks down the price into the package fee, additional guests, add-on items and any taxes charged.
  13. Create a New Charge for the full party price from the Ledger section. Parties uses the pre-selected Program and Charge Category, the pretax amount and a tax dropdown to create the charge. The tax does not calculate until the line item is added to the charge or the charge is saved.
  14. Create a New Payment for the deposit or full price.
  15. Save the booking! This opens a prompt.
  16. (Optional)Send the booking confirmation email. When an email is sent, it will be recorded in the Booking Confirmation details

Remember to save the booking! If you forget, the party booking info will be lost. However, any created charges and payments will remain on the family’s ledger.

Example booking window


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