How Do I Configure the "Other" Party Settings?

Learn how to configure "Other" settings related to parties.

Where do I configure "Other" party settings?

Under SETTINGS>PARTIES, expand the Other menu.


This is an area designated for custom acknowledgement text. This is not intended to be a full policy agreement, but a notification that all attendees will be required to accept a waiver when attending the party.

NOTE: Customers must agree to this text before they can book online.

Lead Time

The "Lead Time" restricts how immediately parties can be booked in the portal. A setting of 2 days would not allow bookings within 48 hours.

Booking Confirmation Email

The "Booking Confirmation Email" template allows you to customize the confirmation email sent to party contacts.

  • BCC - the email address(es) entered here will receive a copy of the Booking Confirmation Email.  If you are entering multiple addresses, be sure to separate them with a semicolon ( ; ).
  • Email Subject - the subject that will be assigned to the Booking Confirmation Email.
  • Email Body - the text of the Booking Confirmation Email that will be received by the party contacts.  Variables included in the text of the email will be replaced by the appropriate information based on the booking details.
    • Click the help button (?) next to "Email Body" heading for more information about available variables.

After making any changes, remember to save these settings at the bottom of this expanded menu!


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