How Do I Create Party Add-ons?

Learn how to configure Party Add-Ons and associate them with a specific Party Package.

What are Party Add-ons?

Add-ons are extra items offered at a price per quantity. These are attached to party packages where they are available for purchase. These can be used for virtually any kind of item, such as an appearance by your mascot, party favors, a pizza, or even balloons!

Add-ons are useful for businesses that allow customers to customize their party experience with the purchase of optional items on top of the pre-packaged party experience.

Where do I configure Add-ons?

Under SETTINGS>PARTIES, expand the Add-ons menu and click on New Add-on to begin.

Details Tab

  • Add-on is Active - when enabled, the Add-on will be displayed as a current option for party bookings.
  • Name - the name that will be displayed for the individual Add-on.
  • Add-on Image (available only after saving) - allows you to include a picture of the item which will be displayed on the Customer Portal.
  • Price - the cost of the described item.
  • Maximum Quantity - establishes an upper limit to the quantity of the add-on can be purchased per party booking.
  • Description - the text displayed next to the Add-on in the portal to describe the item in more detail.

Packages Tab

Select the package(s) for which this item should be available.


Repeat these steps for all add-ons. Remember to save the settings!

Add-ons must be attached to Packages to be displayed as an option when creating party bookings.

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Need more assistance?

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