What is Party Booking Management?

Learn about the Party Booking Management system and how it can help streamline your party booking process.

What is Party Booking Management?

iClassPro's Party Booking Management feature is designed to help businesses manage party bookings in-house and online. Our intuitive party booking process integrates seamlessly into your iClassPro experience!


  • Online Booking: Your customers will love how easy it is to book parties online with the Party Booking Management system's step-by-step visual approach to party registration!customer_portal.png
  • Party Stations: Does your business have multiple party spaces? Set up a party station for each party space at your business!
  • Party Packages: Design custom party packages for your customers to choose from! Each package has a description, package fee, optional deposit, and additional guest pricing!
  • Custom Add-ons: Create add-on options that allow your business to up-sell the party experience with special items like party favors, decorations, food, keepsakes and more!
  • Holidays & Blackouts: Need to remove a date from your party schedules? It’s easy!
  • Staff Permissions: Easily control what staff members can view, edit or manage parties!
  • Notifications: Get online activity notifications any time a party is booked! Plus, email confirmations are sent to the customer and designated staff members!
  • Reports: Easily print detailed party registration forms and track financials through iClassPro’s Program Summary, Category List and Bank Deposit reports!


The Party Booking Management system is only available with iClassPro's Elite and Premium subscription plans.

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