Which Settings/Permissions are Needed for Punch Passes?

Learn about staff-related permissions and Customer Portal settings related to viewing and redeeming Punch Passes.

Staff-related permissions

There are two staff permissions specifically related to Punch Passes:

  • Punch Passes – required to view/redeem Punch Passes
  • Delete/Suspend Punch Passes – applies to deleting/suspending the Punch Pass on a per-student basis, or for everyone (by deleting/suspending the Punch Pass itself).

Additionally, the following permissions are also required to redeem Punch Passes:

  • FULL permissions to “Enrollments” - this permission is required because redeeming a Punch Pass creates a single-day enrollment in the selected class.
  • Either FULL permissions to “See All Classes/Camps In Staff Portal" or VIEW permissions for the "Classes” task - this permission is required to view available classes when redeeming the Punch Pass.

Customer Portal-related settings

To allow customers to view Punch Pass information in the Customer Portal, you will need to enable the “Show Student Punch Card Passes” permission under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>GENERAL SETTINGS.

Note: At this time, it is not possible to redeem punch passes via the Customer Portal.

Because the sale of Punch Passes requires Point of Sale, this feature is only available for iClassPro Plus customers. Please visit https://www.iclasspro.com/plus for more information about this service and how to sign up!

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