What are the General Settings Options?

Learn about the various setup options in the SETTINGS>SETUP>"General Settings" section and how they are used to configure various settings and features.

Tax Rates

Tax rates define a percentage to be added to specific charges and vary by nations, states, provinces, counties, and municipalities.


Zones describe locations in your facility where classes may be held. If your business hosts several classes at once, assigning Zones to different classes can be helpful to let customers know where their particular class is being held.


Programs are labels used to organize classes, camps and income into different areas of your business. Programs can either be very general (Gymnastics, Cheer, Swim, Dance, Team etc) or very detailed (Rec Classes Ages 0-4, Bronze Team, Intermediate Tumbling, etc.) depending on your accounting and enrollment tracking needs.


Levels are assigned to classes and/or camps to designate a specific skill aptitude expected to be attained by students enrolled in the event. These Levels are used to identify sections of classes and camps on the Level Summary Report and can also be used as filters on other reports.

Note that currently there is no direct correlation between the Level and Skill Tree Level.


Keywords are labels you can assign for identification and filtering purposes in iClassPro. You can create keywords for families, students, classes, staff, programs, and camps.

Phone Types

Allows you to customize the list of Phone Types available when adding phone numbers to accounts for families/staff members.  The Phone Type describes how the phone number is connected with the family (Home, Cell/Mobile, Work, or Other). These Phone Types are also visible to customers when creating/updating family accounts in the Customer Portal.

Email Types

Allows you to customize the list of Email Types available when adding email addresses to accounts for families/staff members. The Email Type describes how the email address is connected with the family (Personal, Work, or Other).  These Email Types are also visible to customers when creating/updating family accounts in the Customer Portal.

Charge Categories

Charge Categories are used to describe charges that are created and posted to a client’s ledger, and are also used to detect duplicate charges when mass billing for class tuition through the Class Tuition Charges task.

Promotion Codes

Promotion (or Promo) Codes can be used with class and camp registration in iClassPro to give a percentage  or flat dollar discount of the full tuition price or to specify a different billing schedule and tuition pair for an enrollment.

Skill Tracking

While most of the Skill Tracking system setup is configured under SETTINGS>SKILLS, the options here control how skill evaluations are displayed to parents:

  • Enable comments on evaluations (visible to customer) - if enabled, any staff comments recorded with skill evaluations will be visible in the Customer Portal and included on Skill Evaluation reports.
  • Enable URLs on evaluations - if enabled, staff will be allowed to enter an optional URL when performing skill evaluations. This URL will be visible in the Customer Portal if "Show Skill Evaluations In Customer Portal" is enabled under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>GENERAL SETTINGS.
  • Attach certificates to skill progress emails - if enabled, skill completion certificates will automatically be included with skill progress emails sent to parents.
  • Show evaluation dates on certificates - if enabled, skill evaluation dates will be displayed on all system-generated skill completion certificates. (NOTE: the skill evaluation date can be manually disabled on Custom Skill certificates by disabling the "Date Placement" option.)
  • Enable prompt to send congratulations email when passing level - if enabled, the system will automatically prompt the staff member to send an email to the primary email address on a student's family record when a Skill Level is marked "Passed." (See https://support.iclasspro.com/hc/en-us/articles/360055304954-How-Can-I-Be-Prompted-to-Automatically-Send-an-Email-When-a-Skill-Level-is-Marked-Passed- for more information about configuring this option.)
    • Send to all email addresses on file - if enabled, the system will automatically send an email to all email addresses on a student's family record when a Skill Level is marked "Passed" (rather than just the primary email address).

Time Clock

When configured, iClassPro allows employees to conveniently clock in and out within the application. Additionally, we track hours worked as well as the employee role and the location. Although we leave HR functionality to the payroll specialists, iClassPro easily integrates and exports time data to ADP and Quickbooks. We also offer a convenient export of hours to CSV for those businesses that may be using other payroll systems and wish to import their hours.

SMS and Voice

iClassPro's SMS and Voice feature allows you to send a one-way communication to customers, either by SMS/Text message or automated voice recording sent to their phones.

Anniversary Charges

Anniversary Charges are recurring charges which are billed on either a per family OR a per student basis when a customer is actively enrolled at your facility. By default, this fee is normally billed to accounts every 12 months based on the day the family/student first enrolled. (Also referred to as a "Registration Fee," "Annual Fee," or "Membership Fee.")

Configure MailChimp

Integrating your MailChimp account with iClassPro allows you to sync email lists with the basic family contact information, including email address, first name, last name, gym location, phone, and address, then use this information to send out structured email campaigns for your business.

Email Templates

There are two different types of Email Templates stored in iClassPro that can be customized. These emails are used in different places in the software depending on the type of action being performed:

Automated emails are any emails that are automatically sent by iClassPro upon completion of a certain task, such as the welcome and enrollment emails that are sent when customers create new accounts or enrollments via the Customer Portal.

Custom emails are email templates you create that can be selected when creating Email Blasts, sending Statements, or sending "Level Passed" skill evaluation emails.

Application Preferences

This is where you configure application-specific preferences.

  • Show Recently Opened Windows - if enabled, the system will display quick links to recently opened Family, Ledger, Student, Staff, Class and Camp windows. Displayed windows are limited to only windows opened by the user who is currently logged into the system.
  • Auto-Populate New Payment Amount - if enabled, the "New Payment" window will auto-populate the amount field based on the total of any charges with a due date on or before the current date.
  • Use Inclusive Tax - allows you set a final price on a Class, Camp, Party, or Point of Sale item and let iClassPro automatically calculate the tax amount included based on the associated tax rate.
  • Default Calendar View (Stacked/Staggered) - determines which Calendar view will be displayed when staff members access the CALENDAR page. The “Stacked” view is the default view for all new iClassPro accounts created after November 15, 2018; the “Staggered” view is the default view for all existing iClassPro accounts created prior to November 15, 2018.
  • Default Paper Size - determines the default paper size used when generating reports and skills certificates.
    • Letter (8.5" x 11")
    • A4 (210 mm x 297 mm)

Blackout Schedules

A blackout schedule is a list of dates for business holidays or planned closures that can be attached to specific programs and classes to alter the way iClassPro bills for those dates.

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