What are Promotion (Promo) Codes?

Learn about Promotion (Promo) Codes, how to create and assign them to specific Programs/Classes/Camps, and how they are used to issue discounts for tuition fees.

What are Promotion (Promo)?

Promotion (Promo) Codes can be used with class and camp registration in iClassPro to give a percentage  or flat dollar discount of the full tuition price or to specify a different billing schedule and tuition pair for an enrollment.  These promo codes can be applied to enrollments online or from the staff side of iClassPro!

Currently, Promo Codes are only applicable to tuition charges. There is not a way to associate a Promo Code with parties or anniversary fees at this time.

How Promo Codes Work

Promotional Codes work in addition to multi-class or multi-student discounts already in place on your account and are not affected by the Allow Discounts setting on classes. Used Promo Codes are also saved with the student's enrollment information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To be sure Promo Codes are only applied to specific enrollments, they are applied to every enrollment that qualifies and are not taken off the cart total. Therefore, if a student uses a $10 promo code that is attached to two classes, they will receive $10 off of their tuition for each class.

Order of calculations from the Customer Portal:

Promo codes will follow all restrictions placed on them (for usability) in the settings when applied in the checkout during the Customer Portal registration process.

  1. Full first Tuition price (either flat rate or hourly- depending on your settings)*
  2. Proration for Missed Days
  3. Discount Schedule is Applied (multi-discounts & Special Discounts)
  4. Promotional Codes are Deducted**
  5. If it is a camp enrollment, user defined fees are added on to the camp price and can be affected by promotion codes.***

*If a billing schedule Promo Code has been used, it will be applied here, to calculate the tuition price.

** The amount applied for percentage promo codes is always based on the full tuition price. When combined with other promotional codes, the cumulative percent of discounts will be applied, then any promo codes for a flat dollar amount will be taken off next. 

*** Percentage (%) Promo codes will always count toward the charges for camp user defined questions. Dollar discounts will only discount user defined question amounts if the full camp price has already been discounted to 0 and there is still a portion of the promo code value to be applied.

Order of calculations from the Staff Side:

From the staff side of iClassPro, promo codes are used as a separate line item when creating a charge on the family's ledger and restrictions placed on which enrollments the promo codes can be used for are not automatically applied.

  1. Line items for all enrollments/tuitions are entered. *includes discounts
  2. Promo Codes are entered as separate line item **
  3. Charge is saved.

*The line items for enrollments will automatically include any multi discounts from the discount schedule in the price.

** Keep in mind that the restrictions will not apply here and that the promo code will attach to all line items on the charge.

Setting Up Promo Codes

Creating a New Promo Code:

Go to Settings > Setup > General Settings > Promotion Codes

  1. Click ADD Promotion Code.
  2. Enter a Name for the Promo Code.
  3. Enter the Code that the customer has to type in online.
  4. Choose whether or not the promo code can be combined with other promo codes in the system.
  5. An Expiration Date for the promo code is optional, it will expire at the end of the day on the date entered.
  6. Enter the Type of promo code you wish to add.
  7. Enter the dollar amount, percentage, or Billing Schedule for the promotion.*
  8. Click Save.**

*The Billing Schedule promo code will only have the desired effect if the billing schedule and tuition pair exists on the class it is applied to.
** At the time a promo code is created, it will apply to all Classes and Camps until it is attached to a specific class, camp, or program.

Assigning Promo Codes to Classes and Camps:

Go to the Classes or Camps Page. 

  1. Find the Class or Camp you wish to apply the Promo Code to.
  2. Click the Edit Icon to pull up the details for the class or camp.
  3. Click on the Promo Codes tab.
  4. Check the box next to the promo codes that apply to the class or camp.
  5. Save the changes.

Note: Once the promo code has been applied to a specific class or camp, it is no longer applied elsewhere (except in cases where it has been manually applied this way).

Assigning Promo Codes to Programs:

Go to Settings > Setup > General Settings > Programs

  1. Double Click the program you wish to add the promo code to.
  2. At the bottom of the window, check the promo code you wish to apply.
  3. Click Save.

Note: All classes or camps under this program will be eligible for this promotion.

Viewing Promo Code Associations:

Go to Settings > Setup > General Settings > Promotion Codes

  1. Double click the promo code you wish to view.
  2. Click View Associations.

Using Promo Codes in the Customer Portal

Similar to what you would find on the average retail site, the promo codes field is a text field in the Customer Portal displayed on the shopping cart checkout page. Only one promo code can be entered at a time; however, multiple promo codes can be used (unless restricted through the promo code settings). promo_code.png

Invalid Promo Codes

If a parent attempts to use an invalid promotion code, they will receive a message that the promo code was unable to be attached.

If the enrollment is set up as a request, the promotional codes will be recorded and included as part of the request sent to the online activity in iClassPro.

Using Promo Codes in the Office Portal

Processing Enrollment Requests

Any enrollment requests where a parent has entered a promo code will list the requested promo codes under the Enrollment Details. Promo codes listed here will always be valid for the requested enrollment.

However, the promo codes will not be automatically applied when you bill for the requested enrollment.

They will need to be added to a manual charge created on the ledger.  Make a note of the promo code and click Approve and Charge to complete the process of enrolling and charging the student. Use the Promo Code line item type when entering the charge to apply the promo code that was requested. (More details below.)


Using Promo Codes on the Ledger

To apply promo codes from the ledger in iClassPro, you must first add a line item for the Promo Code, then add the enrollment fee using the Class Tuition or Camp Tuition line item type and the student's enrollment information.

  1. Under the Line Item Type menu, select Promo Code.
  2. Choose the correct Promo Code for the enrollment.
  3. Click Add Line Item.
  4. Go back to the Line Item Type menu and choose Class Tuition (or Camp Tuition, depending on which type of enrollment you are creating the charge for).
  5. Select the student's name/enrollment from the Class Enrollment menu.
  6. Select the appropriate Charge Category.
  7. Click Add Line Item to create the tuition charge and apply the dollar or percentage promotion.


Note: Camp tuition will automatically include the price of any user defined question purchases. If you do not wish to discount this portion of the tuition, please manually add a discount to the tuition charge instead of using the Promo Code.

Tracking Promo Codes

To track promo codes used on charges in your business, you can use the Promo Codes report listed under REPORTS>MARKETING>PROMO CODE REPORT (MAR-2).

This report can be used to report on one or more promotional codes by date with the options to filter by charges within a specific program or related to a specific class or camp. Producing this report with just the date and desired promo codes will report all uses of that code over the specified date ranges and give a total for all discounts as well as sub-totals for each promo code that appears in the report.


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