What is the Unexcused/Excused Absence Report (CAM-5)?

Learn about the Unexcused/Excused Absence Report (CAM-5) for camps, its filter options, and how to generate it.

What is the Unexcused/Excused Absence Report Report?

The Unexcused/Excused Absences Report for camps is a list of camp absences marked as excused within a specified date range. The report includes the Student Names, Camp Name, Date of the absence, Camp Schedule (Day of the week/Time), and any comment recorded with the absence.

NOTES: Chosen filters that relate to enrollments will produce results that are true based on the Start Date/End Date you select when generating the report.

Available Formats

The Unexcused/Excused Absence Report is available in either HTML, PDF, XLS or CSV format.

General Filters

  • ABSENCES FROM START DATE/END DATE: the system will only look at attendance records that fall within this specific date range.
    • Excused – includes Excused absences within the specified date range
    • Unexcused - includes Unexcused absences within the specified date range
    • Active – will limit the report to only absences in camps that are currently marked “Active.”
    • Inactive – will limit the report to only absences in camps that are currently marked “Inactive.”
  • PROGRAM: select a Program to limit the report to only camps associated with that program.
  • KEYWORDS: select a Camp Keyword to limit the report to only camps that are associated with a particular Keyword.
  • INSTRUCTOR: select an Instructor to limit the report to only camps assigned to the selected Instructor.
    • NOTE: Entries will not be included on the final report for any selected instructor/staff member who was not associated with specified enrollments, events, etc., during the designated date/date range.
      • If an instructor was deleted AFTER the start date of the report, the results will include relevant entries for the instructor on the date(s) before they were deleted.
      • If an instructor was created/attached to an event AFTER the end date of the report, the instructor will not be included in the results.
  • LEVEL: selecting one or more specific Level(s) will limit the results only to camp(s) assigned to the selected Level(s). (Leaving this filter blank will include all camps.)


  • Camps With Excused Absences - Displays a  list of camps that have excused absences recorded based on your chosen date will load here.  Selecting a specific camp or camps will limit the report to only students with an excused absence in the chosen camp(s).
    • If there are no specific camps checked, or if all of them are checked, the report will include them all.

NOTE: Camp enrollments are considered ACTIVE in a camp for a period of time starting with the first block they have selected and ending with the last block. Therefore, if a student is enrolled only on May 5th and May 8th, their enrollment will be considered active from May 5th-May 8th (also encompassing May 6th and 7th).

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