How Do I Create Makeup Tokens in the Office Portal?

Learn how staff members can manually issue Makeup Tokens in the Office Portal, either automatically to all enrolled students when canceling a class or individually to a particular student.

Creating Makeup Tokens When Canceling a Class

When canceling a class, there is an option asking whether you wish to create makeup tokens for the students enrolled in that class.

To cancel a class:

  • From the CLASSES page, locate the class that needs to be canceled.
  • Click the Attendance icon (checkmark) to the left of the class name to open the Attendance view.
  • Click on the date for which the class needs to be canceled.
  • Click Cancel for this day.
  • In the next screen, enable/disable the option to create makeup tokens (as needed).
  • Click YES to cancel the class.

Click here for more information about canceling classes.

If you choose to cancel the Background Task after it has begun, it is strongly recommended that you also delete the entry from the Background Task window by clicking on the “Delete” button (trash) to the right of the Background Task entry. Deleting the Background Task entry is specifically recommended for tasks that both perform a task and send email notifications, such as generating makeup tokens, canceling classes/camps, assigning substitute instructors, and sending Statements.

Creating Makeup Tokens for an Individual Student

  • From the STUDENTS page, locate the student who needs to have a makeup token issued.
  • Click the Attendance icon (checkmark) to the left of the student’s name to open the Attendance view.
  • Click Makeup Tokens.
  • Click the Create Makeup Token button.
  • Fill in the appropriate details for the token.
    • Location is optional. For accounts with multiple locations, choosing a Location will lock the token for use at that particular Location (unless settings allow otherwise). If you do not choose any Location, the token can be used anywhere.
    • Choose a Program if you want to associate the token with classes in a particular Program.
    • Comment is optional. However, keep in mind that parents may be able to see comments depending on your setting under SETTINGS>MAKEUP TOKENS>Show makeup token comments on Customer Portal.
    • Issue Date will be set automatically to use the current date. Update this if needed.
      • NOTE: The "Issue Date" controls when the makeup token can be viewed/used from the Customer Portal/Mobile App.  Only tokens with an issue date equal to or before the current date will be available for redemption.
    • Expiration Date (which acts as a use/redeem by date) will be set automatically based on the setting under SETTINGS>MAKEUP TOKENS>Auto-expire makeup tokens. Update this if needed.
    • Never Expire will set the token to have no expiration date.
    • Choose whether or not to send a notification email to the parent.
  • Click Add Another if you need to create multiple tokens. When you have finished, click the Create [#] Token(s) button.  (Note that this button may say “Create [#] Token(s)” or “Create [#] Token(s) & Send [#] Email(s)” depending on how many tokens you are creating/notification emails are being sent.)

Need more assistance?

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