How Does an Employee Submit a Time Adjustment Request from the Time Clock?

Learn how employees can submit a time adjustment request from the Time Clock, and how they can review the status of previous requests.

How does an Employee Submit a Time Adjustment Request?

All staff members will have the option to submit a Time Adjustment Request after entering their PIN.


Clicking on the Time Adjustment Request text will prompt the staff member to select a reason for the request.


Select a reason for the adjustment

From the list, select the most appropriate reason for the time clock adjustment request:

I Forgot to Clock In

This type of entry is used when the staff member may have started working before realizing they forgot to clock in. A clock-in entry will be recorded for the current time until the adjustment is accepted.


My Current Clock In Time

This type of entry is used when the staff member may have already clocked in but needs to adjust that clock in time for any reason. Until the request is accepted, the original clock-in time will be recorded for the employee.

Create an Entirely New Entry

This option allows the staff member to enter a clock-in and a clock-out time for any date. It will submit a request to the Adjustment Requests area to be approved.


Submit the Request

After choosing the appropriate information for the entry and including a comment, the staff member will choose “Submit”. This will send a time adjustment request to time clock admins which have access to the Adjustment Requests section of the Time Clock page. The requests can either be approved or denied with comment from that page.

Viewing Your Time Adjustment Requests

After submitting a time adjustment request, staff members can review the status of the request from either the Punch Pad or the Kiosk Mode.

After entering their PIN, the staff member will be greeted.

Scroll down below the clock-in/clock-out panel and you will see a Time Adjustments section.


The default view will list all activities. If the request has not been approved or denied, the status will read Pending Approval.


Once the request is approved or denied, you will see any notes from the staff member that approved or denied the request, the approved or denied message, and an OK button to acknowledge and dismiss the notification.

Example Approved Request:


Example Denied Request:


Any further disputes over the time adjustment requests must be handled in person once the staff member has approved or denied the request.

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