How Do I Lock and/or Export Time Clock Entries?

Learn how to lock time clock entries for specific pay periods and export those entries for use in your payroll management software.

Who can lock and/or export time clock entries for a specific pay period?

To be able to access the pay periods section, the staff member will need to have “full” access to the Time Clock page in iClassPro as well as a minimum of “view” permissions for the Time Clock task to see the activity. To export pay period documents, the permission for the Time Clock Export task must be set to “full”. 

For more information about staff permissions related to Time Clock, click here.


Selecting a Pay Period

Navigate to the Time Clock page and click on Pay Periods on the left-hand side.

Here you will find a list of pay periods on the left side of the page, sorted by calendar year.



PRO TIP! Periods which have already been locked for export will be shown below the Current Period. Adding new time entries for staff members for dates in a past pay period that is already locked will simply add that time entry to the “current period” section so that the hours can be included in the next pay period export.

Reviewing Shift Details

After selecting the current period, the information about the records within that pay period will be displayed to the right. These details include the employee photo (if uploaded) and name, the roles the employee clocked in as during the pay period, as well as the number of regular hours, their estimated overtime hours and total hours.


To make it easier to find information for a specific staff member, there is a staff search option where you can type in the staff member’s name.

To review more detailed information about employee shifts during this time period, click the down arrow next to an employee’s entry. This will list the full details of all time entries for that employee during the selected pay period - such as date, day of week, location, in time, out time, role, etc.


This information will maintain any color coding for edits that is seen from the Employees section. Clicking the lightning bolt icon next to the entry will allow edits up until the point that an entry is included in a locked pay period.

Locking Pay Periods

To lock down a new pay period before export, click on Current Period in the pay periods list. This area will include all employee time entries that have not been previously locked within a pay period.

Selecting Time Entries to Lock Down

To choose which data to lock down for a new pay period, edit the Time Entries Thru date selector to the last day you would like to include in the pay period. This will find all entries through midnight of the date selected.

PRO TIP! If the thru date used is the current day and one or more employees are still clocked in, you will be alerted that "You cannot lock an incomplete shift" and the lock action will not work. 

There is also an optional Location filter available for multi-location accounts. This allows the business the option to lock and export all locations at once or each location individually.


From the list of time entries selecting the box next to the Employee column will include all staff member time entries in the list. If needed, individual staff members can be selected or deselected to provide payroll staff with as much control as possible over what is being included in the pay period.

Steps for Locking

Once a pay period has been locked, it cannot be “unlocked” so staff members will need to be very careful when selecting filters.

After double checking what has been selected, click on the Lock Pay Period button to prevent any new entries or edits for that time period. This will open a window where you will need to confirm the action. In this window, you can also Name the pay period that is being created. By default, iClassPro will simply name it with a date range of the earliest time entry being included to the thru date used for the export.


To complete the action, click Yes to confirm. This will remove the entries from the current period and file them under the new pay period name under the Pay Periods list to the left.

Exporting Pay Periods

To export a pay period, it has to be locked down using the steps above. Once locked, click on the name of the Pay Period to select it from the list.

Then, to the right in the pay period details select the employees from the list that you would like to be included in the export.


At the top of the screen, click the Export button. This will open a window where you can choose how you would like to export the information:


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