How Do I Create a New Staff Member?

Learn how to create an account and assign permissions for a new staff member.

Before creating staff accounts, you'll need to establish certain criteria under SETTINGS>SETUP>STAFF SETTINGS, including:

  • Creating Staff Roles - Staff Roles are used in conjunction with the Time Clock to explain what role a user was performing while they were clocked in.  Each staff user has a primary role assigned, but will be able to choose an alternate role when recording their time (for example, a user's primary role may be as an "Instructor", but they may also perform "Front Desk" duties).
  • Creating Staff User Groups - User permissions control which areas of iClassPro a user is allowed to access, as well as which tasks they are allowed to perform. By establishing User Groups, you can assign multiple staff members the same permissions by assigning them to the same User Group. (Click here for more information about creating Staff User Groups.)

How to Create a New Staff Member Account

If the "Show Class/Camp Instructors" option is enabled under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>GENERAL SETTINGS, then the full name entered on the Details tab will be shown on the Customer Portal. If you wish to change how this is displayed to your customers, you need to customize the "Customer Portal Staff Display" option under SETTINGS>SETUP>STAFF SETTINGS.

  1. Go to STAFF page and click on NEW STAFF.
  2. Fill in DETAILS about the new staff member including a name, hire date, username, phone number, address and email. (NOTE: you cannot assign a password until after the user has been saved.)

  3. Click the PERMISSIONS tab and assign location access and staff member permissions.

  4. Assign general access permissions by selecting a USER GROUP, or enable "Admin Access (Full Permissions)" if this staff member will be considered an admin user.  To add specific permissions for this employee (above their user group level of access), adjust their permissions in the "Staff Permissions" area.  Note that you can only ADD permissions from this area; you cannot remove or restrict any permissions they have already inherited from the assigned User Group.
  5. (Optional) Select any KEYWORDS that should be associated with this staff member.
  6. (Optional) Write a short BIO for the new staff member so that other staff members with access to this page can see the information.
  7. (Optional) Take any NOTES about the new staff member to keep on file.
  8. (Optional) Fill out any additional CUSTOM FIELDS that have been created for tracking additional staff information.
  9. Click SAVE.
  10. Back on the DETAILS tab, enter a password or use the "Reset Password Via Email" button to send the new staff member a link to set their own password.
    Passwords must meet the following specific criteria:
     - Minimum of 8 characters
     - Cannot appear on referenced list of common passwords
  11. Click SAVE & CLOSE to return to the STAFF page.

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