How Do Staff Members Clock In/Out of the Time Clock?

Learn how staff members will clock in/out of the Time Clock based on their assigned Punch Type, and how they can review their time clock entries.

How Do Staff Members Clock In/Out of the Time Clock?

How a staff member clocks in or out of the Time Clock depends on the Punch Type assigned in their staff profile:

  • One Punch - Upon clocking in, the staff member will review and confirm their schedule (based on the classes to which they are assigned). The system will then automatically clock the staff member in at the designated start time of their first scheduled class or camp, and clock them out at the end of the class or camp duration. This type of staff member will not be required to physically clock out.
  • Two Punch - The Two-Punch system operates like a standard time clock by requiring the staff member to manually clock in before work and clock out at the end of the day (as well as manually clocking out and back in for any unpaid breaks or to change roles). This is the default Punch Type for all staff members.
    • If a staff member works at multiple locations, they must be set up as a two-punch employee and clock in/out at each location to keep their time entries properly linked to the location at which they worked.

Two-Punch System

After logging into iClassPro and launching the punch pad or kiosk mode, an employee will be prompted to enter their PIN.


Clocking In with the Two-Punch System

Next, the staff member will then be greeted with the option to Clock In.


After clicking Clock In, the employee will receive a confirmation screen with their clock in time. If the employee is finished, clicking I’m Done will return the view to the PIN entry screen.


Clocking Out with the Two-Punch System

Clocking out with the two punch system is just as easy as clocking in. The staff member will enter their PIN first. They will then be greeted with a Clock Out option.


After clicking Clock Out, the employee will be given a summary of their time clocked in.

NOTE: If "Show schedule on clock out for two-punch employees" is enabled under SETTINGS>SETUP>GENERAL SETTINGS>TIME CLOCK, the system will display separate punch entries for each class to which they were assigned as instructor.  If the staff member had no assigned classes on the day for which they are clocking in/out, or if this option is disabled, a single entry will be displayed that encompasses all hours they were clocked in.

For example, if a two-punch employee is assigned as an instructor for classes at 3:30, 4:30 and 6:00, the system would record a single clock-in entry at 3:30 and a clock-out entry at 6:00 instead of recording separate entries for each scheduled time. (Assuming the employee clocks in/out at the beginning and end of their shift.)

The employee can also switch their Role for any entries if needed.

To complete the entry, the staff member will click Accept and Log Out.


One-Punch System

After logging into iClassPro and launching the punch pad or kiosk mode, an employee will be prompted to enter their PIN.


Clocking In with the One Punch System

The primary difference between Two Punch and One Punch systems is that One Punch employees will not need to clock out, only clock in at the beginning of the day. The system pulls the staff record and detects the classes and camps the employee is attached to as an instructor and presents them to the employee and gives them the option to clock in for those time periods.

After entering their PIN on the first screen, the staff member will be greeted and select Clock In.


The staff member will be presented with any scheduled classes and camps for the day. Scheduled items will be automatically recorded as Time Clock entries for the staff member. The staff member’s Role which appears in the drop-down is populated by the default role on their staff record. If necessary, the staff member can change their role for each scheduled item.

NOTE: If the employee punches in BEFORE the scheduled start time for their first event, their clock-in time will be adjusted to match the event start time. If they clock in AFTER the scheduled start time for their first event, the system will record the actual time as their clock-in time.

By default, time gaps between scheduled classes and camps will be marked as "not clocked in". Any edits to the gaps will be submitted as a time adjustment request and will need to be approved by a Time Clock admin.


To finish clocking in, the staff member will need to make any necessary adjustments and click Accept & Log Out.

At the end of the day, if the employee needs to add more time on to the schedule they submitted at the beginning of the day, they can submit it as a Time Adjustment Request.

NOTE: If a one-punch employee is working on a date outside of scheduled events that they instruct, they will need to choose "Time Adjustment Request" and then select "Create a New Entry" to submit a shift for approval. 

Reviewing Time Clock Entries/Hours

Staff members can also review their time entries after entering their PIN in the Punch Pad or Kiosk Mode views. To view this information, the staff member will simply enter their PIN, then select “View Your Time” on the greeting page.


This will adjust the information in the box below to allow the employee to view time records for different pay periods.

The current pay period will show by default. Employees can select previous pay periods from the drop-down menu.

At the top, a total number of hours for the pay period is shown, as well as a rough estimate of regular hours versus overtime (based on a 40 hour work week - click here for more information about overtime estimates).

The information displayed for each Time Clock entry within that pay period will include the date, location, in and out times, duration, role and a total number of hours for that shift.


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