What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Learn about Two-Factor Authentication, how you can enable the feature to protect your account against invalid staff logins, and what staff members will need in order to obtain an authentication code.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication (also known as “Multi-Factor Authentication” or “2FA”), provides an additional layer of security when logging into iClassPro’s Office Portal and/or Staff Portal.

First, a user will enter their username and password. Then they will be required to provide an authentication code before they are logged into the Portal.

How do I enable Two-Factor Authentication?

You can enable Two-Factor Authentication under SETTINGS>SETUP>STAFF SETTINGS>STAFF OPTIONS. There are two settings that you can choose to enable:

  • Require Two-Factor on Office Portal - if enabled, the staff member will be required to enter an authentication code to log in to the Office Portal
  • Require Two-Factor on Staff Portal - if enabled, the staff member will be required to enter an authentication code to log in to the Staff Portal

How will a staff member obtain the authentication code?

Staff members will need to have an authentication app installed on their mobile devices in order to obtain the code. There are a number of different apps available in the Google Play Store or App Store; your staff member just needs to be sure that the app they choose is compatible with Google Authenticator.

While not a definitive list by any means, some examples of these apps include: Google Authenticator, Authy, Duo Mobile, LastPass Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and 2FA Authenticator.

How will staff members configure their authentication app?

While instructions will vary based on which app they have downloaded, the basic instructions they will need to follow are:

  • Obtain the “Secret Key” from the login screen
    • The first time a staff member accesses the login screen of the Office Portal or Staff Portal after you have enabled Two-Factor Authentication, they will be presented with a QR code and text displaying a “Secret Key” to configure their authentication app.
  • In their authentication app, they will add an authentication service and use the “Secret Key” when prompted. Once they have created the authentication service, they can choose this service from their app to generate a new authentication code whenever prompted.

How can I reset authentication for a staff member?

If a staff member changes devices or otherwise loses access to their authentication app, you can have the system generate a new “Secret Key” by clicking the “Reset Two Factor” button next to their username in their Staff Profile:



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