What are the Staff Settings Options?

Learn about the various setup options in the SETTINGS>SETUP>"Staff Settings" section and how they are used to configure various settings and features related to staff profiles, how instructor names are displayed in the Customer Portal, user groups/permissions, and staff roles as related to Time Clock activity.

Staff Custom Fields

The Staff Custom Fields area allows you to create Custom Fields that can be used to store custom data related to Staff members.

User Groups

User permissions control which areas of iClassPro a user is allowed to access, as well as which tasks they are allowed to perform. By establishing User Groups, you can assign multiple staff members the same permissions by assigning them to the same User Group.

Staff Roles

Staff Roles are used in conjunction with the Time Clock to explain what role a user was performing while they were clocked in.  Each staff user has a primary role assigned, but will be able to choose an alternate role when recording their time (for example, a user's primary role may be as an "Instructor", but they may also perform "Front Desk" duties).

iClassPro also includes special built-in roles for time clock administrators to use when adjusting or manually entering time entries in the Office Portal. These roles cannot be deleted, and cannot be selected by staff members when recording time.

These roles are: Vacation, Sick, Holiday, Jury Duty, and Bereavement. (Note that overtime is not calculated against hours when any of these roles are selected.)

Use the "Add New Staff Role" button to create a new entry, or click the pencil/edit icon next to an existing Staff Role to make any necessary corrections.

Existing Staff Roles should only be edited to correct a typographical error, and should not be deleted.  Because Staff Roles are associated with both staff members and Time Clock entries, simply editing the title of a Staff Role will associate any existing entries with that new title.  To maintain data integrity, it is recommended to create new Staff Role whenever needed.

Staff Options

Staff Options are miscellaneous settings that affect how staff information is handled and displayed in iClassPro.

  • Customer Staff Display - If the the "Show Class/Camp Instructors" option is enabled under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>GENERAL SETTINGS, this setting allows you to customize how staff member's names are displayed to customers. (NOTE: This includes any customer-facing areas, such as the Customer Porta/Mobile App and Check-In Kiosk.)
    • Full Name (default) - ex: John Smith
    • First Initial, Last Name - ex: J. Smith
    • First Name, Last Initial - ex: John S.
    • First Initial, Last Initial - ex: J. S.
  • Require Two Factor on Office Portal - if enabled, staff will be required to use Two-Factor Authentication when logging into the Office Portal.
  • Require Two Factor on Staff Portal - if enabled, staff will be required to use Two-Factor Authentication when logging into the Staff Portal.

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