What is the STUDENTS Page?

Learn about the “STUDENTS” page and how you can use it to create, edit, and communicate with your students.

What is the STUDENTS page?

The “STUDENTS” page allows you to perform many student-related functions, including:

To access the “STUDENTS” page, click the “STUDENTS” icon in the navigation bar at the top of the screen:


What Information is displayed on the STUDENTS page?

For each Student, the following information is displayed:

  • (*) Student - Name of the student.
  • (*) Gender - The gender of the student selected in the student details.
  • (*) Age - The age of the student as of the current date (calculated based on birthdate)
    • The student age will be displayed in either whole years or year/month, based on your settings under SETTINGS>SETUP>STUDENT SETTINGS>STUDENT OPTIONS>”Display Student Age In Years Only.”

(*) indicates that clicking on the column name will sort the information. By default, the information is sorted alphabetically by the Student’s last name.

Which Filters are available?

What actions can be performed from the STUDENTS page?

To the left of each Student are various “Action” icons. Clicking on an icon will present you with options to perform specific tasks related to the Student.


  • Pencil/Edit icon - allows you to edit Student details.
  • Edit Family - launches the Details window for the student’s family, allowing you to view/edit family details.
  • Enrollments - allows you to view enrollments for the student and perform additional enrollment-related tasks:
    • Enrollment Wizard - launches the Student Enrollment Wizard to enroll the student into the selected class.
    • New Class Enrollment - launches the New Enrollment window for Class enrollments.
    • New Camp Enrollment - launches the New Enrollment window for Camp Enrollments.
    • New Appointment Booking - launches the "Create Appointment Booking" window for appointment bookings.
    • To the left of each enrollment are various “Action” icons that will allow you to perform specific tasks related to the selected enrollment:
      • Edit enrollment - launches the Enrollment details screen to allow you to edit information related to the selected enrollment.
      • Drop enrollment/Cancel Booking - Allows you to assign a drop date to the selected enrollment or drop a scheduled appointment booking.
      • Transfer enrollment - Allows you to transfer the selected enrollment to a new class.
      • Delete enrollment - Allows you to completely delete the selected enrollment. (NOTE: deleting an enrollment removes all history of the enrollment, including any notes or recorded attendance. DELETED ENROLLMENTS CANNOT EASILY BE RESTORED and may incur a cost.)
    • To the right of each enrollment is a tuition estimate based on the current date. This is intended to give a "general idea" of how much the class is going to cost each time it is billed and does not account for proration.
  • Ledger Info - Expands to show a limited view of the Family Ledger and account summary, along with direct links to allow you to perform specific ledger-related tasks:
    • Full Ledger - launches the Full Family ledger
    • New Charge - launches the “New Charge” window.
    • New Payment - launches the “New Payment” window.
    • Limited Ledger View - displays the most recent ledger activity.
    • Account Summary - displays an overview of the account status as of the current date.
      • Last Payment - displays the amount and date of the last payment recorded on the ledger.
      • Total Outstanding - displays the total outstanding amount on the ledger.
      • Unapplied Payments - displays the total amount of unapplied payments/account credit available to be applied. (If outstanding charges exist, an option is displayed to launch the “Apply Credit” window.)
      • Current Ledger Balance - displays the current balance, assuming any unapplied payments will be applied to total outstanding charges.
  • Student Notes - Allows you to create/view/update Student Notes.
    • Show Status - allows you to limit the display of Student Notes based on the Note status.
      • All - displays all Notes, regardless of their status.
      • Open - displays only Open notes.
      • Closed - displays only Closed notes.
  • Student Attendance - allows you to view, edit or record attendance for the selected student, as well as view information about absences, makeups, Makeup Tokens and to record Future Absences.
    • NOTE: The defined date range can only be set to view 90 days at a time.
  • Skill Evaluations - allows you to view, edit or record skill evaluations for the selected student.
  • Point of Sale - Launches the Point of Sale window.
  • Audit Log - Launches the Student Audit Log window.

What QuickTool options are available from the STUDENTS page?


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