What are the Point of Sale Settings Options?

Learn about the various setup options in the SETTINGS>SETUP>"Point of Sale Settings" section and how they are used to configure various settings and features related to iClassPro’s Point of Sale feature.

Barcode Formats

Barcode formats allow you to choose which barcode type(s) you would like to use when scanning via Webcam. These barcode types include:

  • UPC-A (default type)
  • UPC-E (default type)
  • EAN
  • EAN-8

Important Notes

  • UPC-A/UPC-E will automatically be selected when Point of Sale is enabled. You will only need to edit these settings if you need to enable EAN/EAN-8 instead.
  • UPC and EAN are generally not compatible when scanning via Webcam. A warning will be displayed if you attempt to enable both types.
  • These settings only apply to barcodes that are scanned via Webcam. If you are using a dedicated barcode scanning device, you should be able to scan all of these barcode types if your hardware is configured to do so.

Need more assistance?

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