How Do I Make a Point of Sale Purchase? (Office Portal)

Learn how to make a Point of Sale purchase in the Office Portal.

  1. To make a Point of Sale purchase, go to the FAMILIES or STUDENTS page and click the Point of Sale (tag) icon to the left of the family name.
    • Launching the Point of Sale from the STUDENTS page will associate the sale with the family the student is attached to.
    • NOTE: When the Point of Sale feature is enabled, the system will create a family called "--, Point of Sale" for staff to use to record purchases by customers who do not have a family account.
      • To prevent potential load time issues with the resulting family, the system will prevent including the current "--, Point of Sale" family as part of any family merge process.
  2. Select an item by navigating through the Product List (the Categories submenus on the left-hand side can be used to help filter the Product List results) or use the search box at the top of the screen.

    NOTE: Products that have been assigned to a category/subcategory will be listed on both the main product view and within the category/subcategory itself.

    You can also use a USB barcode scanner to scan the item's UPC in the "Enter UPC" field or click the "Start Camera Scanning" button to scan the UPC with your webcam instead. (UPCs can be manually entered if you do not have a scanner or camera.)pos02.png
  3. Once you find the item to be purchased, add it to the shopping cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button. (NOTE: If the selected item has variations available, you will need to select the appropriate options from the drop-down menu before the “Add to Cart” button is available.)pos03.png
  4. Add more items by navigating the menus and choosing “Add to Cart”.
  5. Once all items are in the shopping cart, adjust any quantities by using the [+] or [-] buttons if needed. Click the “Checkout” button when you are ready to take payment and/or create the ledger charges.
  6. Select or enter a method of payment and enter any Promo Codes as necessary. Click “Process Payment” to complete the sale.
    • If necessary, you can click the "Add Discount" button to manually assign a discount to the item. Note that this option will only be displayed if the staff member has been granted the "Point of Sale Price Override" permission, or has been granted "Admin Access."
  7. You can choose to split the payment between multiple payment types by entering the amount tendered for one payment method, then clicking "Add Split Payment".  After submitting one payment, repeat the process for the other payment method. (Note that only one payment can be entered for each payment method, with the exception of checks.)
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: At this time, Promo Codes are inherited from the Program assigned to the product and apply to all products/classes/camps using that Program.  There is not currently a way to assign a promo code to only selected products. For more information on setting up and assigning Promo Codes, please see our document at
  8. Separate charges for each item will automatically be created for the total amount. If payment was taken, an offsetting payment will also be created and automatically applied to the purchase.pos06.png
    • Choosing “Cash” will show the amount of change due if the “Cash Tendered” amount exceeds the total due. You can disable the “Give Change” option if you wish to leave the remainder of the payment on the ledger as credit. (If you leave this option enabled, the system will only create a payment for the total amount due and will assume you gave the customer the correct change.)
    • If you choose to email a receipt for the Point of Sale purchase, the system will use the “Point of Sale Receipt” email template by default. This email can be customized under SETTINGS>SETUP>GENERAL SETTINGS>COMMUNICATION TEMPLATES> Point of Sale Receipt.
    • Choosing “Charge to Account” will create a charge on the ledger but will not require payment at the time of checkout. This is helpful if there are additional charges on the ledger for which payment is to be collected, so only one payment will need to be made.

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