How Do I Enable/Configure the Customer Portal Staff Page?

Learn about the different options under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>STAFF, and how they are used to control what your customers see when they visit the Customer Portal Staff Page.

What is the Customer Portal Staff Page?

The Customer Portal Staff Page provides a place for you to display information about your Staff members on the Customer Portal. You can customize the title of the page and also establish Staff Groups to group Staff members together by role, title, or other criteria.

How do I configure the Customer Portal Staff Page?

You can configure the Customer Portal Staff Page options under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>STAFF allow you to enable the Customer Portal Staff Page feature and determine how it will appear to your customers.

You can view more information about each setting and how it works below:

  • LOCATIONS: this Customer Portal Staff Page is Location-specific, so selecting a Location controls the settings ONLY for the specified Location.
  • ENABLE CUSTOMER PORTAL STAFF PAGE: enables/disables the Customer Portal Staff Page feature for the specified Location.
  • WEBPAGE TITLE: specifies the name to be displayed for the Customer Portal Staff Page.
    • NOTE: This name will also be used in the Customer Portal navigation bar (under the “More” section).
  • WEBPAGE INTRO TEXT (OPTIONAL): any text entered here will be displayed on the Customer Portal below the Webpage Title.
  • ADD ANOTHER STAFF GROUP: allows you to establish one or more “Staff Groups” to separate Staff members according to role, position, or other criteria.
  • WEBPAGE OUTRO TEXT – allows you to enter text to be displayed on the Customer Portal Staff Page below the Staff List.
  • SAVE - commits your changes. Always be sure to click SAVE whenever you edit or rearrange Staff Groups, or make any updates to titles, text, etc.

How do I manage Staff Groups?

Creating New Staff Groups

  1. Click ADD ANOTHER STAFF GROUP to launch the Staff Group creation window.
  2. Select the Staff member(s) you wish to be displayed in the new Staff Group.
    • You can use the filters on the left-hand side to narrow your search.
  3. (Optional) After selecting the Staff members, fill in the following information:
    • Section Title - displayed above the selected staff members on the Customer Portal Staff Page.
    • Section Intro Text - displayed beneath the Section Title on the Customer Portal Staff Page.
  4. Click APPLY to save the new Staff Group.

Editing/Managing Staff Groups

  • To edit the Section Title, Section Intro Text, or add/remove Staff members from an existing Staff Group, click the pencil/edit icon to the right of the Section name.
    • Be sure to click APPLY to save your changes.
  • Clicking the DOWN ARROW to the left of the Section title will display a list of the Staff members assigned to that Staff Group. By default, each staff member profile will display:
    • Picture
    • Name/Nickname – if Nickname is set, staff name will be shown as redacted (strikethrough) with Nickname displayed
    • Default Role
    • Edit options
      • Pencil/Edit icon – launches the Staff Details window to allow you to edit staff details such as name, role, bio, etc.
      • Trash/Delete icon – removes a staff member from the list
        • NOTE: this DOES NOT delete the staff profile from the system entirely. Deleting Staff profiles can ONLY be done from the STAFF page, and only if the staff member has the appropriate permissions to do so.
    • “Rearrange” action icon – allows you to drag and drop staff members to rearrange how they appear on the list.
  • Staff display options:
    • Alphabetize – disabled by default; if enabled, staff members will be alphabetized based on the format defined under SETTINGS>SETUP>STAFF SETTINGS>STAFF OPTIONS>CUSTOMER STAFF DISPLAY.
      • If any manual adjustments are made to the staff order while this setting is enabled, the setting will be automatically toggled off.
    • Show Staff Photo
    • Show Role

You can rearrange the order of a section by using the “Rearrange” action icon to the right of the Staff Group name to drag and drop them into place.

You can delete a section completely by clicking the trash/delete icon to the right of the Section title.

Where can I customize the staff information that is displayed?

You can update the following information in the individual record for each staff member:

    • Hide Photo in Customer Portal - if enabled, this setting overrides the “Show Staff Photo” setting for Customer Portal Staff Page view.
      • A circular placeholder will be displayed on the Customer Portal Staff Page instead of an actual photo, even if one exists.
  • NICKNAME - this name will appear in place of the real name on the Customer Portal Staff Page.
  • CUSTOMER PORTAL BIO - This information will be displayed on the Customer Portal Staff Page.

See our “How Do I Create a New Staff Member?” document for more information about creating and editing staff profiles.

Need more assistance?

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