What Hardware Do I Need to Use iClassPro’s Apps and Portals?

Learn about iClassPro’s hardware recommendations for our various apps and portals, based on how you intend to use the system.

What hardware is required to use iClassPro’s apps and portals?

As a general rule, iClassPro does not recommend specific brands of hardware (such as Apple over Windows, or iOS devices over Android).  However, we do have some specific suggestions of things to consider when you are deciding if you need to purchase new hardware or upgrade an older device.

Expected use

Consider what the device will be used for. (Please note that the Office Portal is not currently 100% supported on mobile devices at this time.)

Check-In Kiosk

As the Check-In Kiosk will be used by customers, you may wish to consider a faster device with a larger screen.

  • Processor speed and RAM should be sufficient to ensure fast response time.
  • Screen should be large enough to accommodate users with vision problems.
  • Since the Check-In Kiosk can also be launched from within the Office Portal, you may consider using a desktop or laptop computer for this (if one is available). A touchscreen monitor and/or webcam can be added to remove the need for a keyboard or mouse (if you utilize QR Codes for check-in).

Staff Portal for Attendance/Skill Evaluations

  • Using the Staff Portal to record attendance and/or skill evaluations may require something more durable as it will be used on the floor around students. Perhaps consider a tablet with a ruggedized case.
  • A mobile phone can also be used by staff to take attendance and/or perform tasks in the staff portal.

Staff Portal for Time Clock (if enabled)

  • If using the Staff Portal or Kiosk App, a slightly older tablet might be acceptable if staff is willing to accept a slightly longer response time.
  • A mobile phone can also be used by staff to clock in/out within the Staff Portal.

Time Clock

  • If you do not allow staff to use the Staff Portal to clock in/out, you will need to launch the Time Clock from within the Office Portal.
  • Staff can be given logins to clock in/out from the TIME CLOCK screen in the Office Portal, or you can launch the Time Clock in Kiosk Mode.
  • If using Kiosk Mode, you may consider using a desktop or laptop computer for this (if one is available). A touchscreen monitor can be added to remove the need for a keyboard or mouse.

Product lifetime/longevity

“Product lifetime” refers to the useful life of a product, the time during which the product remains working and usable for its primary function for which it was conceived and produced. Every device has an expected lifespan that software companies have to consider when updating and enhancing the functionality/security of their software.

Depending on the type of device you are considering (for example, a desktop computer vs a tablet), the expected lifetime will vary. While you might expect a desktop computer purchase to last 7+ years, a tablet purchase is similar in lifecycle to a phone, and is unlikely to still be usable after 3-4 years.

Android Devices

  • Unlike iOS, Android is non-proprietary. Therefore, it can be run on a number of different hardware devices (depending on which version you have).
  • Check the manufacturer’s website for your device to determine if it is still actively supported. For example, Samsung only guarantees support for their tablets for 3 years.
  • As a general rule, we require Android 5.0 or greater to access and run the various apps and Kiosks.

Apple/iOS Mobile Devices

  • Apple does not support older versions of iOS and/or browsers forever.
  • Apple will eventually stop providing software updates for older iOS versions, making them security risks as bugs/security holes will not be patched.
  • As a general rule, we can only guarantee support for the current version and two previous versions of iOS to access and run the various apps and Kiosks. (For example, if the current version is 17, we will support versions 15, 16, and 17.)
  • The following links list Apple devices/iOS versions along with the expected supported timelines associated with each device. (If your current device does not appear on these lists, it is unlikely that iClassPro will continue to support it.)


  • Older, unsupported devices are more vulnerable to attacks
    • Hackers find vulnerabilities in older devices and those devices never receive patches because they are past the manufacturer’s support date
  • If you are considering new devices, be sure they have the latest OS version and/or support the latest version(s) of Firefox, Chrome or Safari. This will ensure better security with our software and minimize vulnerability of the device itself.
  • Control who has access to use or log in to the device
    • Will this device have sensitive information on it? If so, devices need to be kept in a secure location when not in use by staff.  This may be more difficult with a laptop/desktop setup.
    • You need to ensure that staff members log out of their sessions when they are not using the device, especially if the same device is used by different staff members. Failing to log out properly can allow other staff members to use the same profile, which could make it possible for a staff member with restricted permissions to perform tasks or access areas they ordinarily would not be able to.

Additional Notes

  • Just because a device meets the minimum specifications to be compatible doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best option. Pay attention to reviews and device specifications – a faster processor and more RAM will usually mean a better end-user experience.
    • Although your employees may be okay with waiting a little longer for an app or website to load due to an older device, your customers at a Check-In Kiosk may be in a much bigger hurry.
  • When using an iPad or other iOS device as a customer-facing kiosk, it is recommended that you enable “Guided Access” mode. Guided Access limits an iOS device to a single application to prevent unwanted app or web-browser usage.

Need more assistance?

Customer support is available at 1-877-554-6776 Mon - Fri, 9 am to 9 pm (CT) and Sat, 9 am to 6 pm (CT).