What is the Student Evaluation Form?

Learn about the Student Evaluation Form and how to use it to track skills progression.

What is the Student Evaluation Form?

Much like Class Evaluation Form, the Student Evaluation Form is a printable alternative for instructors to record skill evaluations by hand as an alternative to recording them directly in the Staff Portal.

While Class Evaluation Forms are grouped by Class and list each student in the class separately, Student Evaluation Forms are grouped by student and list all of the skills associated with their enrollments so all evaluations are in one place.


How Do I Generate a Student Evaluation Form?

Step 1
To print a Student Evaluation Form, go to the STUDENTS page and select the student(s) for which you need to record an evaluation.

Step 2
Click the reports icon in the task bar to open the reports menu and select "Student Evaluation Forms."

Step 3
This will bring up the form filter screen. From here you can select the particular levels, events, and skills to be included on the form. If you do not select anything, all of them will be included.

Step 4
Click PDF to generate the form.

Need more assistance?

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