What is the Camp Evaluation Form?

Learn about the Camp Evaluation Form and how to use it to track skills progression.

What is the Camp Evaluation Form?

The Camp Evaluation Form is a list of skills to be evaluated per camp that an instructor can use in lieu of recording the skill evaluation from the Office Portal or Staff Portal.  These forms would need to be used as reference to manually enter the evaluations into the system at a later time.


How Do I Generate the Camp Evaluation Form?

Step 1
To print a camp evaluation form, go to the CAMPS page and select the camp(s) for which you are needing to record an evaluation.

Step 2
Click the reports icon in the task bar to open the reports menu.  Select "Camp Evaluation Forms."

Step 3
This will bring up the form summary window verifying which camps will be generated.  Enter the "As Of" Date, then generate the form in whichever format works best for you.

NOTE: if a student has already been evaluated for a skill, the current skill rating will be shown in the report.

Need more assistance?

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