What are Dynamic Class Names?

Learn about iClassPro's "Dynamic Class Names" feature and how it can be used to automatically generate class names based on a combination of variables (such as Class Program, Level, Instructor(s), etc.).

What are Dynamic Class Names?

iClassPro’s Dynamic Class Names feature allows you to configure the system to build the class name based on a combination of variables, including the Class Program, Level, Zone/Area, Schedule, and Instructor(s), rather than using the traditional “Class Name” text field.

To use the feature, you will need to enable the setting to allow Dynamic Class Names under SETTINGS>SETUP>CLASS SETTINGS>GENERAL CLASS SETTINGS>"Enable Dynamic Class Names" and then configure your Dynamic Class Name Pattern.

Important Notes

  • Enabling this option will remove all existing class names and use the dynamic name structure instead.  The original class names are not stored in the database and cannot be recovered.
  • When you enable this option, you will be given the option to proceed with renaming the classes, apply an override on all existing classes (to keep the current class name), or cancel.  Applying an override is the only way to keep your original class name.
  • If you disable this option after it has already been enabled, classes will keep the last dynamically generated class name.

How do I configure Dynamic Class Names?

To use Dynamic Class Name variables, include the desired tags in the Dynamic Class Name Pattern field , such as [[program]]: [[level]] [[schedule]] with [[instructor]].


Available Class Name Variables

  • [[program]] - The name of the Program assigned to the class.
  • [[level]] - The name of the Level assigned to the class.
  • [[zone]] - The name of the Zone/Area assigned to the class.
  • [[schedule]] - A summary of the Schedule assigned to the class
  • [[instructor]] - The names of all Instructors assigned to the class. (The displayed name will honor the SETTINGS>SETUP>STAFF SETTINGS>GENERAL CLASS SETTINGS>"Customer Staff Display" setting.)
    • NOTE: This variable will always refer to permanent instructors only.

Additional Notes

  • Dynamic Class Names are limited to a maximum of 255 characters. If the Dynamically Generated Name would exceed this limit, the class name will be truncated with an ellipse [...].
  • If more than three instructors are assigned to the class, the system will automatically limit the [[instructor]] tag to simply display 'Multiple Instructors' to prevent class names from becoming too long.
  • If the “Enable Dynamic Class Names” option is active, the traditional “Class Name” text field will not be editable when creating or editing classes.  However, enabling the “Override Dynamic Class Name” option will allow you to manually enter a text value if desired.

Need more assistance?

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