What Options are Available from the Customer Portal's "My Account" Screen?

Learn about the Customer Portal's "My Account" screen and what options are available to visitors from this section when they are logged in.

What is the "My Account" screen?

The “My Account” screen in the Customer Portal shows account details, including student data/enrollment information, payment information, outstanding charges, and other account data. From here, visitors can review or add/edit information as needed.


Your Student(s)

This area lists students within the family with links to view:

  • Enrollments
    • View Current Enrollments
      • Show/Hide Wailtist Enrollments
        • Cancel Waitlist (if enabled)
      • Drop Enrollments (if enabled)
      • Transfer Enrollments (if enabled)
    • Past Enrollments
      • Show/Hide Past Enrollments
  • Evaluations
    • Evaluated Skills
  • Attendance
    • Current Enrollments
    • Show/Hide Past Enrollments
  • Makeups – the behavior of this option varies based on whether Makeup enrollments are allowed, either by using Makeup Tokens or allowing customers to request Makeup type enrollments. (NOTE: If neither option is enabled, the “Makeups” option will be hidden on the “Your Students” screen.)
    • When Makeup Tokens are Enabled
      • Current Location Tokens – tokens available for redemption at the currently selected Location
      • Tokens Available in Other Locations – tokens available for redemption at other Locations
      • Pending Makeup Tokens – tokens applied to makeup enrollments that have not yet occurred
      • Expired Makeup Tokens – makeup tokens that have expired without being applied
      • Spent Makeup Tokens – makeup tokens applied to past makeup enrollments
    • When Makeup Tokens are Disabled (requires that SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>CLASS REGISTRATION>Allow Visitors to Request a Makeup Enrollment is enabled)
      • Request a Makeup – will guide customers through requesting a MAKEUP type enrollment.
      • Past Makeups – shows past enrollments designated as MAKEUP type enrollments.
  • Future Absences (if enabled)
    • Create Future Absence By Date – create a future absence request by entering date/time details for the absence. The most flexible option, this allows parents to create an absence that will span multiple days or just a few hours.
    • Create Future Absence By Enrollment – create a future absence request by choosing an enrollment. An absence request will be submitted only for the selected class/classes on the specified date.
    • Details of currently scheduled future absences
  • QR Codes (if enabled) – Displays QR codes related to the selected student.
  • Passes (if enabled) – Displays details of punch passes. (NOTE: punch passes can only be redeemed via the Customer Portal or Mobile App if this feature is enabled under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>PUNCH PASSES)
    • Name of Punch Pass
    • Number of punches used/remaining
    • Date Purchased
    • Active status
    • Expiration Date
    • Amount Paid
  • Edit Student
  • Add Student



  • Outstanding – shows any outstanding balance (with option to Make Payment)
  • Credit – shows any credit available (with option to Apply Credit)
  • Amount and date of last payment
  • Saved payment information details (if entered) - An entry will appear for all payment methods on file for the family (up to three per guardian).
    • Each payment method will display the following details:
      • Payment Type (Credit Card/Bank Account)
      • Last four digits of card/Account number
      • Expiration month/year (for credit/debit cards)
      • Primary payment method indicator
      • Recurring payment status indicator
      • View/Edit payment details
      • Delete payment method
    • Clicking to edit a payment method will present the following details:
    • Payment Method Type
      • Credit Card (or Debit card)
      • Bank Account (if eChecks are enabled)
    • "Set to Primary?" toggle - allows you to toggle which payment method is designated as Primary.
    • "This payment method is authorized for recurring billing" toggle
  • Add Payment Method - allows you to add a new payment method.

NOTE: Secondary guardians will have the ability to save payment methods if they have been granted login access to the Customer Portal. However, they will only be able to actually make a payment if the primary guardian has granted them permission to do so.


  • “Delete” and "This payment method is authorized for recurring billing" options will only be displayed if “Require Saved Payment Method Authorized For Recurring Billing” is NOT enabled under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>FINANCIAL.
  • If there is no payment gateway configured on the account, customers will not be able to submit payment information or store payment information on file. Instead, a message will be displayed informing them that the account is not configured to accept online payments.

Transaction History

  • All – shows complete ledger history (includes all charges/payments/refunds)
  • Charges – shows only charges
  • Payments – shows only payments
  • Refunds – shows only refunds
  • Generate Statement for This Location - allows customers to generate a statement showing outstanding charges as of the current date.  Charges will only be included if they are connected with the currently selected Location.
  • Generate Ledger for This Location - allows customers to generate a Ledger report showing all charges/payments associated with the currently selected Location.
    • NOTE: If SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>FINANCIAL>"Show Full Ledger History, Not Just The Last 30 Day History" is enabled, the customer will be allowed to specify a date range.  If this setting is NOT enabled, the report will automatically generate showing only charges/payments for the past 30 days.

Account Information

  • Guardian – displays guardians/responsible parties associated with the account, with the following information:
    • Mailing Address – displays mailing address associated with the account. Clicking on the address will launch an edit screen where you can edit/delete the address.
      • Add Mailing Address
    • Email Addresses – displays email addresses associated with the account, with the Login (primary) email noted. Clicking on an address will launch an edit screen where you can edit/delete the email or opt in/out of Email Blasts.
      • Add Email
      • NOTE: If an email address has OPTED OUT for Email Blasts, the word "Unsubscribed" will be displayed in red italicized text.  If this text is not shown, then the email address has OPTED IN for Email Blasts.
    • Phone Numbers – displays phone numbers associated with the account. Clicking on a phone number will launch an edit screen where you can edit/delete the number or opt in/out of SMS/Text messages.
      • Add Phone
      • NOTE: If a phone number has OPTED OUT for SMS/Voice Messages, the word "Unsubscribed" will be displayed in red italicized text.  If this text is not shown, then the phone number has OPTED IN for SMS/Voice Messages.
  • When logged in as the Primary Guardian, secondary user accounts will also display the following options:
  • Add Guardian - allows you to add a new guardian profile to the account.
    • NOTE: for security purposes, primary guardians will not be able to edit a secondary guardian's contact information once that guardian has accepted an invitation to log in to the account. Only the secondary guardian can update their own information.
      • Once a secondary guardian has accepted the invitation to log in to the account, the primary guardian will only see the following options:
        • The name of the secondary guardian.
        • Access indicator ("Can Log In", "Invite Sent", "Invite Revoked").
        • "Reset Password" option.
        • "Send Invitation" option.
        • "Re-send Invitation" option.
        • "Revoke" option.

iClassPro allows customers to link family data (such as phones, emails and mailing addresses) to specific guardians. Customers will see each guardian listed separately along with any associated addresses/phones/emails.


Unassigned values will show in an “Unassigned” column along with an option to reassign the values to a specific guardian.


  • Change Password

Need more assistance?

Customer support is available at 1-877-554-6776 Mon - Fri, 9 am to 9 pm (CT) and Sat, 9 am to 6 pm (CT).