Which Settings/Permissions are Needed for Punch Passes?

Learn about staff-related permissions and Customer Portal settings related to viewing and redeeming Punch Passes.

Staff-related permissions

There are four staff permissions specifically related to Punch Passes:

  • Punch Passes Page – required to access the Punch Passes page to set up/configure Punch Passes.
  • Punch Passes – required to view/redeem Punch Passes.
  • Delete/Suspend Punch Passes – applies to deleting/suspending the Punch Pass on a per-student basis, or for everyone (by deleting/suspending the Punch Pass itself).
  • Edit Student Punch Passes - allows staff members to edit the number of passes remaining and/or expiration date of a specific punch pass that has been sold to a student.

Additionally, the following permissions are also required to redeem Punch Passes:

  • FULL permissions to “Enrollments” - this permission is required because redeeming a Punch Pass creates a single-day enrollment in the selected class.
  • FULL permissions to “See All Classes/Camps In Staff Portal" - this permission is required to view available classes when redeeming the Punch Pass.

Customer Portal-related settings

To allow customers to view Punch Pass information in the Customer Portal, you will need to enable the “Show Student Punch Card Passes” permission under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>GENERAL SETTINGS.

To allow customers to purchase or redeem Punch Passes via the Customer Portal, please see the following knowledgebase Documents:

Check-In Kiosk-related Permissions

To allow customers to redeem Punch Passes in the Check-In Kiosk, you will need to be sure the staff member account used to launch the Kiosk has necessary permissions as noted in our How Does the Check-In Kiosk Work?: Staff User Permissions document.

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