How Do I Configure Punch Passes Settings? (Other Settings)

Learn how to configure your Customer Portal Punch Passes section, which determines whether Punch Passes can be purchased and/or redeemed from the Customer Portal/Mobile App.

Allowing individual Punch Passes to be purchased or redeemed via the Customer Portal or Mobile App can be controlled on a per-pass basis.

Please see our “How Do I Create Punch Passes?” document for more information.

  • Enable Purchase On Customer Portal Point of Sale - allows customers to purchase Punch Passes via the Customer Portal/Mobile App Point of Sale feature (if enabled).
  • Enable Redemption On Customer Portal - allows customers to redeem Punch Passes via the Customer Portal or Mobile App.
    • If this setting is enabled, a nested setting will be displayed called "LIMIT PUNCH PASS ENROLLMENT START DATE TO AT MOST X DAYS FROM TODAY."
      • This field will include a text area where you can specify a maximum number of days from the current date that a Punch Pass can be redeemed.
        • If the value in this field is "0", the customer cannot request any start date beyond the current date (i.e., the enrollment start date cannot be greater than today).
        • If any value greater than '0' is entered, we will restrict the start date of Punch Pass enrollments to AT MOST the specified number of days from the current date.
          • NOTE: This value cannot exceed the number of weeks specified by the Enrollment Look Ahead Setting. (i.e., if the Enrollment Look Ahead value is set to '2' weeks, this number can be any positive value less than or equal to 14 days. However, it cannot be greater than 14 days.)

See “How Do Punch Passes Work in the Customer Portal?” for full details.

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