Point of Sale: Sales (FIN-19)

Available formats: HTML/PDF/XLS/CSV

The Point of Sale: Sales report generates a list of product sales within a specified date range.  The report includes the product, location, variation, SKU, vendor, total units sold, total income, total cost, profit margin, and total tax charged.

Available filters are:

General Filters

  • START DATE/END DATE: the system will only show sales with a ledger “Charge Date” that falls within these days.
  • CHOOSE CATEGORY: allows you to select particular Product Categories to be included in the results.
  • CHOOSE VENDOR: allows you to select particular Vendors to be included in the results.
  • LOCATIONS: the system will only include sales associated with the selected Location(s) in the results.
    • Landscape: will generate the report in Landscape mode (rather than Portrait).

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