What is the Consolidated Tax Report (FIN-11)?

Learn about the Consolidated Tax Report (FIN-11), its filter options, and how to generate it.

What is the Consolidated Tax Report?

The Consolidated Tax Report is used to provide totals for sales tax reporting.  It gives an overall summary of the amount of tax charged or collected from charges within a specified time period.

If you require more in-depth reporting regarding taxes, you may wish to run the Tax Reconciliation Report (FIN-16) instead.

Available Formats

The Consolidated Tax Report is available in either HTML, PDF, XLS or CSV format.

General Filters

  • START DATE/END DATE: allows you to specify a date range for the report. This system will only report charges created or payments applied within this date range.
  • LOCATIONS: the system will only include charges/payments associated with the selected Location(s) in the results.

Need more assistance?

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